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Forums / Treatments, health professionals and therapies / Has anyone used a work fitness for duty assessment (no longer fit for duty) as evidence for Centrelink DSP

Topic: Has anyone used a work fitness for duty assessment (no longer fit for duty) as evidence for Centrelink DSP

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  1. Guest_946
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    42 posts
    16 January 2019

    Hello all

    A few months ago I had a breakdown at work and was sent to a work appointed psychiatrist to see if I was still fit for duty, the psychiatrist determined I was no longer fit for the duties I was qualified for nor could I be retrained. I have subsequently been retired on invalidity.

    I have applied for DSP and have provided the psychiatrist report as part of the evidence.

    Has anyone else used something like this as evidence?

    thank you for reading, hopefully someone knows the type of report I mean.


  2. blondguy
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    10861 posts
    18 January 2019 in reply to Guest_946

    Hi Guest946

    Welcome to the forums. My apologies for you not getting a response yet...We are usually very quick

    There are people on the forums with a DSP who would have been required by DHS to do the same. The report only substantiates your grounds for making an application for the DSP

    Do you mean 'evidence' in a workcover claim? 946?

    my kind thoughts


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  3. Guest_946
    Guest_946 avatar
    42 posts
    18 January 2019 in reply to blondguy

    Thnak you for your reply Paul.

    It’s not workcover it’s an authorised medical officer (think that’s what they call them) who is appointed by an employer to determine if the employee is fit for work. In my case I was a federal government employee and they sent me to a doctor (psychiatrist) to see if I was fit to perform my normal duties or modified duties/hours of work.

    The psych in my case said I wasn’t fit to perform my duties nor be retrained. This information was then used to refer me for invalidity retirement which has been granted.

    So it’s not a Centrelink form but I think answers the same questions. It quite possibly is like a workcover form I’m not sure sorry.

    thank you

  4. Azza23
    Azza23 avatar
    1 posts
    13 April 2020 in reply to Guest_946

    I too have been asked by my employer to attend a FFD assessment by an independent Psych to see if I qualify for an invalidity retirement. I have not worked for more than 2 years due to a combination of severe depression and anxiety, paranoia (caused by work) and still to this day I harbour such anger and resentment to my employer.

    what questions did the psych in your case ask? I am extremely nervous about attending the appointment.

  5. SammiGee
    SammiGee avatar
    2 posts
    14 April 2020 in reply to Guest_946

    Hi Azza

    Yes. In 2016 I had an FFD (because I literally lost it at work after going through some trauma etc) and was on DSP for about 3 months. Was off work sick for 6 in total, but DSP approvals took ages to kick in. Cheers, Sam

  6. Jo999
    Jo999 avatar
    6 posts
    21 April 2020 in reply to Azza23
    Hi Azza, I have been sent for many of these. Do you know the name of the psych you are being sent to as you can google them and see what others say. Ratemd has information too. Some doctors are good, some are terrible are just paid for the insurer. The most recent one I was sent to was horrible. Be prepared that they ask lots of personal questions - the main focus will be on your childhood, medical history (mental health history in particular). They asked me questions like was I bullied as a child? What are are my parents like? Do I have friends? I have found they are not interested much in the work situation, but rather on saying you have a pre-existing condition, a personality issue or finding some excuse. Try to take a support person with you if you can. Hope this helps. I am at my wits end with how I have been treated. It never ends. If they don't like the doctor report they'll just send you to another and another until they get what they want....good luck. Chin up - lots of us are in the same boat unfortunately

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