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Topic: Is this CBT?

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  1. Charli2099
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    11 March 2020
    So I have depression & anxiety. I saw my psychologist yesterday and he is getting me to link positive thoughts/sentences with things I do each day. Eg when brushing teeth I need to think of something positive and say it to myself. Is this CBT?
  2. uncut_gems
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    11 March 2020 in reply to Charli2099

    Hi Charli,

    Welcome to the forums! So good to have you here. The phrase "CBT" can be used in a lot of ways, and started out as a very specific kind of therapy but has come to be used more broadly in everyday conversation, which can be confusing.

    Put simply, it refers to a school of therapy that understands our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (actions) as all related, meaning a change to one affects the other two. In a sense this applies to what your psychologist has suggested, changing associations between your feelings (happy/calm/positive), your behavior (brushing your teeth), and your thoughts (this is good so I should feel good). However, I would say that this is not CBT as it more refers to talking through our negative thoughts and feelings to identify where we are making irrational assumptions (for example, I failed this test, I am a failure, I will never be good at anything, etc.)

    Feel free in the future to ask your therapist what kinds of therapy they practice, prefer, or were trained in!



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