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Forums / Treatments, health professionals and therapies / Just a message for those who are scared of medication.

Topic: Just a message for those who are scared of medication.

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  1. bigstar
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    28 September 2018

    5 months ago I tried to admit myself to hospital after not sleeping for 13 days and I was psychotically depressed. I went in there begging them to just make me unconscious. Of course they didn't. They sent me to my GP and I had no choice but to try medication.

    After thirty years of dealing with this sickness--I finally got on the meds. I just recently returned from travelling Europe on my own, I'm back at work, I finally have my self back again after a year of crippling anxiety and 5 months of the most crazy hopeless depression. It's a weird and precipitous turn around and I still have my bad days but I am basically back to my old self again. Wait, I'm better now! I could never even get on planes or travel I was that anxious all the time. And look at me go now.

    I know there are a lot of people out there who are still thinking about meds and I just hope this might inspire you to do it if you like the sickness is insurmountable. Don't feel like you're giving in. You don't have to do this on your own.

    I wish you all way more than luck. X

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  2. quirkywords
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    7704 posts
    28 September 2018 in reply to bigstar


    What an uplifting story and thanks so much for honestly sharing your experience with everyone on the forum.

    Everyone has a different experience with medication .

    I spent over 16 years in denial about my diagnosis and tried so many different things because I didn't want to use chemicals and I felt people would judge me if I used medication.

    I finally was pressured into taking medication and I was fortunate that it worked for me with few side effects,

    I know others who struggle to get the right balance of medication.

    I think it is useful to read other people's experiences so we can learn from others before deciding what to do.


  3. geoff
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    13238 posts
    1 October 2018 in reply to bigstar

    Hello Bigstar, thanks for your comment and yes there are people who refuse to take any medication, unbeknown that there is an enormous difference between not taking them than to actually have them on a daily basis.

    There must be no shame, no one needs to know if you don't want them to, and it's no different than taking a panadol, this takes away your headache and the AD controls how you feel.

    If you are scared then talk to your doctor, it's not a good suggestion to google them because by law these AD companies have to list every side-effect THAT may happen because if someone gets a side-effect that's not listed then there will be a massive court case.

    You may have to try several different ones, unfortunately, that's what most of us have had to go through, but once there is an AD that suits you, then your life will be so much better.


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  4. Bluebirdbrown
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    36 posts
    1 October 2018 in reply to geoff

    thank you for sharing. This is typical of me. I feel frightened about taking the med day in and day out. I always have to think twice and struggle to take the med.

    i even lied to the doctor that I had but in fact I hadnt started. I am still struggling ....

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