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Forums / Treatments, health professionals and therapies / Need help with seeing a doctor

Topic: Need help with seeing a doctor

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  1. Hunterl
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    14 March 2020

    I have seen doctors in the past trying to get help but never seem to get anywhere. I dont feel like i am able to pin point my issues when talking with them to get the right help they seem to suggest bipolar even though i dont believe i suffer from mania ect. If I share my concerns here would you be able to suggest what i should ask my doctor for help for?

    Im either very happy, confident/sure of my self (dont care what people think) or depressed, low self esteem

    Go between wanting friends and being alone
    In past i would make friends, over do it (cling onto them for dear life) then cut them out. Now i cut out the middle man and dont make friends as its easier to not cling to them and then cut them out.

    When im feeling good I have all these intentions and take on tasks; look for job, sign up to help out, join groups but then i crash and regret it all/dont cope and give up or sabotage myself to get out of it.

    I am at times very impulsive and get bored easily
    I get rid of people ect before they can get rid of me.
    Periods where my mind races and i cant move past a particular thought or phrase.

    When i am either up or down i feel as though this is it, this is how ill feel forever hence why i undertake a bunch of new projects. It is hard to see past current emotions.

    I lso find my issues worsen before my period but not always 100% of the time.

    Please help

  2. Ggrand
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    14 March 2020 in reply to Hunterl

    Hello Hunterl..

    Welcome to the forums and the wonderful community here..

    I’m sorry your struggling So much with your mh..

    Im wondering even though you have seen 2 Drs..has anyone one of them referred you to a psychiatrist for proper diagnosis..if not is it possible to ask them to do this for you...

    We cannot diagnosis here, we are people like you struggling with our own mh...while trying to help support others on the forum..and receive support from them also...

    Maybe next time you visit your Dr..if your finding it hard to explain how your feeling, you could show your Dr. the post you have written here it re write it onto a piece of paper and give it to you gp...I know at times it’s really hard to express what we’re going through at the time of our appointment..Many people find it easier to write out what the want to say to their Dr..and hand the paper over to them...Then your Dr. can take it from their After he/she reads it...Is that something that you could maybe try?..

    Most of your concerns you have wrote..I can relate to..and I’m sure many here will as well...I’m certain more people will pop in to talk to you and offer some of their insight to you...

    Keep talking here Hunterl...anytime you feel up to it...and I hope that you can get some answers soon about your mh and the professional help that you need...

    Kind thoughts..sent with caring hugs..🤗🤗.


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