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Forums / Treatments, health professionals and therapies / Problems with getting a mental health diagnosis (long)

Topic: Problems with getting a mental health diagnosis (long)

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  1. Lurkette
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    3 posts
    27 September 2018

    I'm a migrant, so I don't know how mental health stuff works here in Australia.

    My ex partner was very abusive. I migrated to Australia to be with him. After a few years, I finally left him. I'm in a safe place now and I don't have contact with him outside of a few lingering legal issues. After being in the relationship with him, I'm very anxious, afraid to leave my new safe home, and I have a low mood/little energy. I'm also dealing with flashbacks involving old acts of abuse. So I probably have some mix of PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Maybe other stuff too.

    After being in this relationship I need a formal medical diagnosis to bring to court to show what effect the abuse had on me. I need it to document how disabled I am. I need a diagnosis to show every agency I'm dealing with to make sure I get access to the right treatment and services.

    I've been through 4 different programs, including asking to be voluntarily committed into the psychiatric ward of the local public hospital. I keep assigned to under-qualified people who aren't allowed to give a psychiatric diagnosis. They're happy to talk to me in sessions, but this apparently isn't a real medical record of having mental health problems. In the meantime, I can't apply for a disability pension because I don't have a diagnosis.

    Is this ... normal for Australia? Is it normal to refuse to diagnose people with mental health problems? Or to make it this difficult to get a diagnosis they can hand over to other people to get access to the services they need or to document the results of abuse they've suffered?

  2. blondguy
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    27 September 2018 in reply to Lurkette

    Hello Lurkette

    Welcome to the forums and for having the courage to post too!

    Im sorry to see that you have been a victim of domestic abuse. I was also in the same situation in the 1990's and yes I did require a diagnosis of my anxiety/depression to prove my case in the family court.

    The court will ask for a specialists diagnosis only to support what you have been going its only for your benefit.

    May I ask if you visited a health professional (psychiatrist/GP/psychologist) about the mental anguish/pain you have been going through? I understand your issue as even with a diagnosis it can difficult to obtain the disability pension

    You will be able to obtain a diagnosis starting with your GP and any health professionals that you are referred to

    It is a relief that you are in a safe place now after what you have gone through. You are proactive with your health Lurkette and thats a huge bonus....yet a diagnosis to confirm any mental illness/disorder is required

    If you have any questions or comments it would be great if you could post back (when convenient for you) the forums are a safe and non judgemental place Lurkette

    my kind thoughts for you


  3. Beetle
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    236 posts
    27 September 2018 in reply to Lurkette

    Hey Luv

    am so sorry to hear you going through all this. I feel you. I had heaps of abuse in my life to.

    t sounds like you haven't met the right people yet. I guess you need a Psychiatrist to proper diagnose you. Psychologists etc cant do that. Often little hospitals don't have Psychiatrists. YOur best bet is to go to a private Psychiatrist and talk to them. That's the quickest way. It will be expensive but public ones are hard to get into ( well I am up in the north, its a nightmare up here)

    This is just my guess what might have happen? Where do you live?

    Big hug. YOu will get there xx

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