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Topic: The Patch Birth Control

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  1. brendaa151
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    22 April 2020


    I was just wondering if anyone on here has tried The Patch Birth Control, and whether or not they know if it's available in Australia.

    I have an existing experience with The Pill, where tried a couple and my anxiety skyyyy rocketed (panic attacks) taking over my life literally, I look back now as I'm much better years on and I literally don't even recognize myself. So as you can imagine I am very hesitant and frightened at even the though of Birth Control. I still tend to get anxious now and then with symptoms but no where near as bad.

    However, I need to consider that at the same time I started birth control, I was going through A LOT. I was in an abusive first time relationship that I needed to end, I had a loss in the family (first time ever) and a bunch of other stuff (health anxiety related.)

    I'm much better now, but a lot of those issues are now gone and I'm considering trying the pill again, well in this case the patch, to see whether it was my environmental factors creating my panic or the pill?

    Just reaching out to see if anyone's tried it, and if so how was your anxiety / depression / mental state?


    Brenda xx

  2. jess334
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    23 April 2020 in reply to brendaa151

    Hi Brendaa151,

    I haven't ever heard of the patch here in Australia. It's not on the government health's website about contraceptive options (, but maybe your doctor can provide you with information about whether it is available and what alternative is good for you.

    If you are worried that birth control may exacerbate your anxiety issues, then I would definitely trial one that you can stop taking. I tried a contraceptive implant and it was very painful to have it taken out when I realised that it was causing a lot of hormonal issues.

    The pill might be a good choice as there are many different types to choose from. Maybe talk to your doctor about one that doesn't have anxiety as a known side effect?

    Good luck! Jess

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