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Forums / Treatments, health professionals and therapies / The search for the right GP!

Topic: The search for the right GP!

5 posts, 0 answered
  1. calmseeker
    calmseeker avatar
    24 posts
    3 December 2019
    Feeling super frustrated with accessing help on the GP level. My GP is a lovely guy but I need medical advice not a new friend. I know I know, get a new GP and that's where the frustration comes in. I feel so overwhelmed at the thought of starting again! GP's are the coordinators in accessing the help we require so I feel its important we have someone we trust in that role. Groan, I feel like its a mammoth undertaking. My anxious mind races trying to work out where I start and what I say in a ten minute appointment. Today my thoughts are that I am tired of anxiety, its exhausting trying to help myself.
  2. smallwolf
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    3090 posts
    3 December 2019 in reply to calmseeker

    Hi calmseeker,

    I would refer to my GP as an acquaintance (vs a friend) - that is each time I see her it is for a purpose, but I also know she has my best intentions at heart and makes sure I am OK. Can I ask what is the problem you have with talking to the GP you see as a friend?

    I notice you mention anxiety and not being able to switch your mind off can be very tiring - Do you want a referral to therapist?

    Or is it because you see them as a friend you do not feel you are able to say what you want?

    I am listening.


  3. romantic_thi3f
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    romantic_thi3f avatar
    2217 posts
    4 December 2019 in reply to calmseeker

    Hi calmseeker,

    Thanks for your post. I totally hear you too. For different reasons, I've had bad experiences with the GP's and I know it's so hard to find a good one. I have to find one too and it's frankly a big pain.

    What I can suggest though, is that when you're looking for a GP, you can see if there are any others in the same clinic. They'll have all your notes and history on file so it will save you having to repeat everything. The other thing that might be worth considering is that you book a double appointment - that way there's less of a sense of trying to cram everything in.

    I hope that you find a good one. I know that in the end it will be worth it.


  4. calmseeker
    calmseeker avatar
    24 posts
    4 December 2019 in reply to smallwolf

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your response. In re reading my post I realised it was a bit vague. I think it was a frustration purge.

    I have been seeing this particular GP for 3 years, trying to build up some sort of relationship and sticking with him so he came to understand my issues and feelings. I feel anxious visiting the clinic so try to only go when absolutely necessary. For the last 3 years I have been telling him I don't feel good, panic attacks, insomnia, dizziness,headaches, vision disturbances, nausea,numbness and tingling, sensation of veering to the left when walking,the list does go on. A symptom which scares me the most is feeling confused or disoriented at times, granted this is usually when I feel panic. He said its anxiety, take this AD. No tests done no referrals given. When symptoms are unbearable I go to see him, trying to build that relationship and trying to get answers, I was and still am not convinced that these symptoms are all anxiety? Maybe? I would end up on google after a GP visit as I was never satisfied or felt supported after an appointment.

    So in March I had two days of losing my vision in one eye and seeing auras, couldn't get an appointment with him so went to see a different GP who instantly sent me for an MRI. The MRI showed up a pituitary tumour - had a panic attack in his office and was taken by ambulance to emergency. I have since been told that the tumour was an incidental finding, causing no issues, common and no cause for alarm. I go back to regular GP from here on in. Symptoms still happening, anxiety has gotten worse since diagnosis, I am struggling. Regular GP says 'well something is going on I just don't know what'. I don't feel listened to, I don't feel supported. I know I need to change my GP but for someone who is struggling to get out of bed in the morning starting again with a new GP is daunting. I know some people would view this as just a case of making a new appointment with a different doctor and getting on with it, I don't know why I feel its so difficult? Maybe because I overthink everything.

    Your thoughts about this would be appreciated Tim, a different viewpoint to consider would be helpful.

  5. calmseeker
    calmseeker avatar
    24 posts
    4 December 2019 in reply to romantic_thi3f

    Hello there,

    Making a double appointment had crossed my mind but I had not considered seeing someone in the same practice who can see my file. You're a genius rt! I might take a peek at the clinics website and look at the available docs. That may take half the frustration out of starting again.

    Grateful to you rt.

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