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Topic: Trust BROKEN

  1. TheBigBlue
    TheBigBlue avatar
    209 posts
    27 July 2021


    30 days exactly since my last appointment, I finally have an appointment with the psychologist tomorrow. Not sure what to expect, but it’s been such a hard month I have no energy to freak out any more.

    I spoke to the psychiatrist today. He’s good, he listens & discusses things with me. I guess that helped a little. He’s prepared to help me out if things go badly wth the psychologist tomorrow. But he was pleased I didn’t just sever ties with her & walk away. He reckons the me he met a year ago would have just given up, so at least I feel a little better that he has faith in me & even during the tough times he still seems to see improvement in me.

    sometimes I think he is the only one to see it, but it’s better than no one, so…….yay?

    Anyway, cross your fingers for me…….

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  2. LJpd81
    LJpd81 avatar
    222 posts
    28 July 2021 in reply to TheBigBlue
    I'm so happy to hear that you finally have an appointment. I hope it goes well today.
  3. LJpd81
    LJpd81 avatar
    222 posts
    28 July 2021 in reply to TheBigBlue
    How did you go today?
  4. TheBigBlue
    TheBigBlue avatar
    209 posts
    28 July 2021 in reply to LJpd81

    Hey LJ,

    Thanks for caring.

    The session went fine, but I still feel a bit weird. Not sure if I am entirely comfortable with her anymore.

    She was very critical, in my opinion harshly critical of my partner, thinking he isn’t doing enough for me. It kind of makes me feel angry, but she doesn’t know him very well so I didn’t say anything. But it’s a little disturbing when your psychologist says “ I’m not telling you to break up with him, but…..”

    She said I was currently at “high risk” of harm which has bummed me out. I know I am struggling but it feels bad knowing other people are thinking that about me.

    She told me today that she has only ever had 1 person that refused to leave the pit of despair, but I might be the second.

    wow, just wow.

    I’ve been seeing this woman almost weekly for 2 years, I see a psychiatrist, I take all my meds as prescribed, I attended every class of DBT, I linked up with a peer support group (of my own accord). What else is she expecting me to do? Just click my fingers & magically be fixed?

    I’ve booked in for another appointment next week, but no idea if this will continue with her. She just seems so negative now & nothing I do is good enough.

  5. LJpd81
    LJpd81 avatar
    222 posts
    1 August 2021 in reply to TheBigBlue

    I hope you're going ok.

    I'm sorry it didn't go as well as you wanted.

    You have to be happy with your psychologist. If you're not happy then change. You do what's best for you.

    Sending big hugs for you.

    Louise xxx

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