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Topic: Anxiety

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  1. Kally jo
    Kally jo avatar
    12 posts
    28 November 2021
    Hi I’m new here. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been having issues with anxiety. My family has been nervous to go into supermarkets because most covid cases happen at coles and Woolworths. So we all agreed to do click and collect orders instead of going inside supermarkets. For the past few weeks I haven’t been motivated to order groceries for myself. I’ve only been ordering food for my family and sometimes I can’t be motivated to eat anything. At night I wake up around 12am and 2am if I forget to do the dishes because I feel guilty if I forget the dishes. My boyfriend has been worried about me. The other day I watched a comedy show with him called mrs browns boys and he was concerned because I wasn’t laughing at the funny scenes.
    ps I have been diagnosed with anxiety and white coat syndrome
  2. On The Road
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    116 posts
    28 November 2021

    Hi Kally

    welcome to the forum, I'm also new here.

    I can see the current covid situation has been stressing for you and your family. the uncertainty, the constantly changing response.... As someone who lives alone and easily get stress i feel you, when the stress get overwhelming, I also don't have the motivation to be active.... 🙁

    low energy and motivation and lack of interest in things you used to enjoy could be the symptoms of depression, have you talked with your GP?

    Hope you spend some time with us here, share with us, this is a supportive community where the ppl listen 🙂 You can go to the BB social zone if you wanna talk.

    Good luck

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  3. Kally jo
    Kally jo avatar
    12 posts
    28 November 2021 in reply to On The Road

    Yes I have talked to my GP and I was diagnosed with anxiety. My doctor wrote a referral for a therapist but the therapist who I was seeing was pregnant and went on maternity leave they said they would get back to me when they find another available therapist but so far they haven’t gotten back to me but I’m glad I’m able to chat on this forum

    PS thank you for your help :)

  4. geoff
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    geoff avatar
    15584 posts
    29 November 2021 in reply to Kally jo

    Hello Kally jo, take this opportunity to contact your doctor again and ask them to refer you to someone else, don't wait for the therapist to contact you, we all get involved in everything that's happening at work and it's possible they may forget about you, so be the productive person and keep asking.

    It is possible for someone coming back from maternity leave that there is much to catch up on, read through files, talk to other people and decide what needs to be done but do as much as you can to be visible.


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