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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Anxiety and Depression, constant fear for my health.

Topic: Anxiety and Depression, constant fear for my health.

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  1. Chappo1920
    Chappo1920 avatar
    5 posts
    8 March 2021

    Hi, my name is Aaron, I’m a 25 year old male, I am happily engaged, and in my biased opinion have the 2 best boys in the whole world.


    I have suffered from anxiety and depression since I was a teenager, I’ve been on and off antidepressants for about 10 years now, I always have those little periods in my life where I think I don’t need the meds anymore and I do quite well for even years at a time, then it always seems to come back to bite me.


    In December my youngest son was born, and I wasn’t doing too bad for a while, then ever since we moved house in Feb, my anxiety and depression have just been at an all time high, which is odd, because I couldn’t be happier with how things are right now (aside from the obvious mentality issues).

    The last few weeks I’ve been thinking I’ve had every kind of cancer possible, Leukaemia, Mouth Cancer and Colon Cancer, which is something I’ve never considered my whole life until now. It all started with these tiny red dots on my arms, that Probably have been there before but I’ve never noticed.. but like a normal person that I am, I of course asked google about it, and google was happy to diagnose me with leukaemia.

    long story short , I am really afraid of having some kind of underlying sickness like cancer especially, and I am so scared of dying and not seeing my kids grow up.


    all these long lonely nights sobbing in the shower and the constant feel of fear and panic is just getting too much for me , and I don’t know how long I can keep feeling like this.. I really need some help.


    kind regards

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  2. Shanny63
    Shanny63 avatar
    3 posts
    8 March 2021 in reply to Chappo1920
    Hi i also suffer like you from health anxiety. When our anxiety gets really high we can imagine we have every disease. Ive had everything known to man. Are you seeing a psychologist or can you do some zoom sessions to try and calm your mind down. I know easier said than done. I’m in the middle of a crisis myself so I’m one to talk. I’m sure you dont have anything that your fearing. Maybe because life is actually going in the direction you finally want you are afraid you are going to lose it all? That’s when health anxiety seems to rear its ugly little head. And when were under enormous amounts of stress. I hope you feel better soon x
  3. MandurahMan
    MandurahMan  avatar
    1 posts
    9 March 2021 in reply to Chappo1920

    Well I have just signed up today to see if there was anyone else like me out there as I am really struggling ATM and didn’t expect to see a post so similar to me I have been fighting this for over 13years and it has been not too bad over the last year but for no reason it is now taking control of me I can’t sleep properly even with medications as the Anxiety is crazy high and I too think there is something serious wrong with me My energy level is nonexistent and waking up that little bit worse every day is just tiring me out I just want an end to this nasty monotonous anxiety.

    I hope you find help

    Kind Regards


  4. Anxiousness
    Anxiousness  avatar
    1 posts
    11 March 2021 in reply to MandurahMan

    This sounds like exactly how I feel. I have had anxiety for close to 15 years and at times deal with it really well. At the moment I feel like it’s the worst it’s been in a long time. Every little thing that happens to me I think is something serious and I am dying. I’m finding it harder to leave the house each day and be on my own and find I am trying to cope by drinking every night to forget about how I’m feeling, though I think the alcohol is making me worse.

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