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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Deflayed, Depressed and Annoyed

Topic: Deflayed, Depressed and Annoyed

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  1. Justin D
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    8 May 2020

    I don't usually do these cause they make me feel uncomfortable but I guess I have to try at some stage.

    I don't know how to begin this... back in January I've decided that I'm 29 years old I want to move on in my life so I decided to ask my boss for Management training to help move forward so I can move out of my parents and start growing and moving forward, but that came to a sudden stop when my boss told me that "I wasn't ready" I mean why not just say "no" cause how does he know without giving me ago first, I pretty much felt shut down to ask why which I regret, so after that I took two weeks off cause I had them planned and come back to find out some else with less experience had been given the training instead, I felt even worse and found it unfair.

    Anyway I started seeking other empoyment anywhere that could help me earn enough to move forward in my life, but its been nothing but disspoinments one after the other, some companies say Im unsuccessful for an interview or I don't hear from them at all, I had one Interview a week ago and all went well but they told me again that "I wasn't ready" thats twice now I was told that so it really hit me hard like no one wants me to be successful, I have no kids, I'm not married, I work 5 days a week, always available, I Work hard (I barely talk at work cause I'm concentrating on the job at hand) and I'm willing to learn.

    I know it will be hard now for with COVID-19 going on but still doesn't mean I can't try to seek employment. Being in isolation doesn't help as I barely see anyone and pretty much on my own, I do text my friends when I can but its not the same as talking to them in person, and nearly all my friends have kids and are married so I try not to bother them as they have their life to look out for, I have more time to think now since I am on my own and the more I think the more I remember past memories and which has put me in a depression state.

    I usally play video games or watch movies but all this emotions or depression has taken my motivation level down on a new low level and I just want to curl up and do nothing, I also lost my appetite with food which I'm pretty much forcing myself to eat.

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  2. Rumples
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    8 May 2020 in reply to Justin D

    Hi Justin :0)

    First of all, thanks so much for finding the courage to reach out to Beyond Blue today. I know, it's a BIG thing to do and I really want you to know that you're not as alone as you might feel. I, along with a whole bunch of other great, kind people are here for you 24/7 and ready for a chat.

    OK, your 29 and now feeling that it's time to make something of yourself. Good on you, full marks for that.

    "my boss told me that "I wasn't ready for management training"

    Don't take this personally. I know you are right now, but that's just youths delightful naivety at play. Those of us of a more vintage age have all been there, believe me. Welcome to the real world my young friend, it isn't always what you thought it would be and this most certainly will not be the last knock life gives you. The fact that someone with less experience than you got the position just says that the Manager perceived they had a better chance of success than you, for whatever reason. It's no biggy Justin, really.

    "I started seeking other employment and nothing but disappointments one after and they told me again that I wasn't ready"

    Justin, did you ever stop to think for one second that perhaps all these people can't be wrong? None of them know each other and yet they're all arriving at the same conclusion - you're not ready. It really sounds as though you aren't ready YET, to start pursuing a management role in your chosen industry. It's not your fault, you just need to identify what's lacking in your skill sets. Have you thought of having a 1-1 with you current boss and asking him/her to provide you with a "succession plan?" This is just a list/guide for you to address or work on to bring your skill sets/personality more in line with what's required to succeed in your current work environment. It's a great way to get ahead.

    "I work 5 days a week, always available, I Work hard (I barely talk at work cause I'm concentrating on the job at hand) and I'm willing to learn".

    This could be a key indicator Justin. Managers need to be engaging and outgoing, keeping quiet and to yourself are not desirable traits in any leader.

    Back to you my friend

    Your friend - Rumples

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