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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Depression, Anxiety.. life in general

Topic: Depression, Anxiety.. life in general

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  1. Ante
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    6 July 2019

    I've been struggling with depression since I was 22 now 34,
    On medication, thought I was doing ok for the last 2 year's
    So I lowered my dose recently and then relapsed and now back to my normal dose and I feel like I was 10 years ago. Angry at my partner all the time, do not want to socialise with her, family or friends. Feel like this life is far to complicated then it needs to be. I think the society is to blame and this image of having this family home with a white picket fence and everyone is trying fill this void with buying more and mo stuff, keeping up with the jones social media etc. The one thing I do love is my dogs and animals in general, they keep it so simple the way it should be. Sleep all day and always loving meanwhile we are trying to move through the daily grind while the government keep telling us we are free until we retire at 80 and enjoy the last few years in a retirement village shitting ourselves....
  2. Doolhof
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    8823 posts
    8 July 2019 in reply to Ante

    Hi Ante,

    Welcome to the forum. From what you have written you sound really frustrated and angry with your present situation.

    Sounds like you really enjoy spending time with your dogs. Are you able to take them out walking regularly? That would be a great release for some of the tension it sounds like you have.

    Are there other things that you do enjoy in your life?

    If you were to write down 10 things that were good about your life or how you could possibly achieve 10 things, I wonder if that would help change your focus?

    It is hard when we feel like "life" and outside influences are in control. Is there some way you can regain that sense of control?

    Is it possible for you to talk to a therapist or psychologist to help you through this rough patch?

    Life can feel overwhelming. Hope you can find some ways to reduce the negatives you are experiencing. I know it can feel like a constant battle at times!

    All the best from Dools

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