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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Monthly Forums Update: Reflecting Back on June

Topic: Monthly Forums Update: Reflecting Back on June

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  1. Sophie_M
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    12 July 2021

    Hi Everyone

         We appreciate all who have dropped by the forums and welcome those who may have written their first post, as well as members of the community who may have just started reading along. We hope you feel a sense of connection and belonging by navigating the different forums here and know that you are not alone in your journey.

       At this time we also acknowledge members of the community that may be currently impacted by recent COVID-19 restrictions. The Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service continues to provide up to date information and resources or call 1800 512 348 check in with our trained counsellors who are available 24/7.

    Community Voices: What are people talking about?

     Struggling with self-worth

    I had an entire 24 hours filled with shear panic and tears and I didn’t think any of my friends could understand what’s happening..In those moments I fail to see my self worth. I know I am a capable adult, I have a secure job, I pay my bills, car it’s payed for - mortgage on track and super just the same... But the thought of having to share all those sides of me with a new person … and the fact that he is not quite as “in touch” with being in touch as I am scares the living light out of me. - Ali A (Read more here

    The last time we had any form of intimacy was in early April, and I'm finding myself more and more depressed, and hating my body more (I know it's a viscous cycle, but I feel so unattractive). My partner knows my thoughts on this, and how it makes me feel. I've tried talking with him about this numerous times, but it ends up going nowhere. - Firefly112 (Read more here)

    I’ve been on two dates now with this amazing guy that I met through a dating app. So far he has shown that he is the kind of person I would actually want a relationship with. I don’t have strong self-esteem/sense of self worth and these feelings of him being way out of my league are starting to creep in. - Von is lost (Read more here)

    Sexuality and Gender Identity

    So my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years told me that he thinks he might be Bisexual. It's a big 'thinks' and he's still figuring it out. I'm the only person he had told so far. As far as I can tell, he isn't wanting to jump into a relationship with someone else.. I'm really happy, honestly, that he told me. I'm just wondering how I can support him moving forwards, especially if he determines this is definitely his sexual identity. - Willowtree_21 (Read more here

    So, for the past month I've had a few strange things happen to me that has made me question whether my sexuality is what I always thought it was... It all started when I began having intense dreams and fantasies about men, I thought if I were going to have anything like that it would be with a woman. Along with a few other things I found myself being leaning towards men than women, which is confusing me to no end. – IAMTHEONE (Read more here

    I think I’m bi. But I’m scared I’m wrong. I’ve never dated anyone so how would I even know. But I see girls and I want to kiss them. Bit like what if I am wrong. Then I would have to go to anybody who knows and tell them that I was wrong. – Lucette (Read more here

    Experiencing Grief/Loss After Ending a Relationship

    So I have just found out my ex has resigned from his job, we work together and I'm not sure how I am feeling. He has at least told me so I don't here through the grapevine. Part of me is relieved as I find it awkward when i have to be near him, but part of me is sad. Once he leaves I may never see him again and that thought just breaks my heart. - bubbles85 (Read more here

    I found out my ex-partner (lovely person btw) is expecting a baby with their new partner. I am happy for them but is this sense of loss and envy, that I'm feeling, normal? How do I come to terms with it and move on? – Gelati (Read more here

    I just can’t move on. I’m seeing a counsellor, and it helps a bit. But I’m still grieving. After mixed messages from him. I have asked for no contact to heal. He can’t seem to leave me though. He wants contact wants to see the kids, they love catching up, but it’s too hard me. – Mlkl (Read more here

    Valued Contributor Award

    Our Valued Contributor for the month of June is jtjt_4862!

    jtjt_4862 has been nominated for their continuous efforts to check in with community members while engaging with others in a friendly and respectful manner. Thank you for taking the time to connect and support others!

    To read more about what a Valued Contributor is and how you can nominate a fellow community member, please refer to our thread Nominate a Valued Contributor here:

    BB News/Resources

    A reminder that along with the wonderful peer community here Beyond Blue has several supportive resources, articles, and podcasts available that you may connect with or may wish to share with a mate/loved one:

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    What works for depression? 

    Sexuality and self-acceptance: I’m tired of hiding the real me 

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    How to maintain your healthy lockdown habits in the ‘new normal’

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