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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Fee ling lonely and anxious

Topic: Fee ling lonely and anxious

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  1. Roogirl14
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    29 June 2019
    Hi. A while ago at work I had a incident which made me gave a panic attack. It was pretty bad which resulted in me having tine off work to reciver. The time has come for me to go back and I am getting pretty scared and anxious about going back but i miss the children where I work. Is there anything I can do to help me please. Thankyou
  2. quirkywords
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    30 June 2019 in reply to Roogirl14


    Welcome to the forum. this is a kind and supportive place.

    You mayy have to look at a few issues that will help you with your anxiety.

    You may need to lessen stress levels, to deal with anxiety attacks before norm as they occur, and to learn to understand what triggers situations and take steps to avoid them.

    Is there someone at work who is supportive which can help you work out a plan?

    is it possible to visit work for an hour or two before you start back and discuss with someone there your concerns and needs.?

    Dealing with anxiety attacks is different for everyone and you will know what works for you.

    Have you ever tried using an app called Smiling Mind, and using breathing exercises. ?

    These are just a few suggestions that may not suit you.

    If you browse the Beyond Blue website you may find articles and posts to help

    Feel free to post as much as you like.


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