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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Hard to breath anxiety

Topic: Hard to breath anxiety

10 posts, 0 answered
  1. Marty89
    Marty89 avatar
    5 posts
    31 July 2019
    Hi everyone I'm new to this and not sure where to start but here it goes. I'm a 30 year old man that has been suffering anxiety (mostly by myself without telling anyone) for honestly my entire adulthood. I have had all types of symptoms over the years such as feeling uneasy and on edge to full blown panic attacks, disassociation etc.. I can manage most of them but my worst is when I struggle to breath.. well feel like I constantly need to take a deep breath and always concentrate on my breathing it's so debilitating, I had it pretty bad around 6 or 7 years ago and took myself to ED thinking I was dying, which they found nothing wrong after several tests and sent me home. The last week or so I'm having the same breathless feeling/ conscious of every breath and it's really upsetting me. I work in a hospital and always find time to put a sats prob on my finger to see if my oxygen is ok it's ridiculous. Is anyone else suffering/has suffered with this horrible feeling and is there anything you have done that has helped you through it? Thank you!
  2. The Sports Guy
    The Sports Guy avatar
    3 posts
    2 August 2019 in reply to Marty89

    Hey Marty, well done on posting mate.

    I'm a 27 yr old guy who a few months back experienced short of breath and moments of panic, even though the reason for panicing were illogical. I called my partner while she was at work and calmed me down. Her support was awesome. I felt this was a better experience, rather than trying to deal with this on my own. You're not alone in feeling like this bud.

  3. Marty89
    Marty89 avatar
    5 posts
    2 August 2019 in reply to The Sports Guy
    Thanks mate I appreciate the reply. It's good to know that I'm not alone.

    Over the years I've always felt embarrassed to seek help for my issues, I know that it is silly to feel that way but I can't help it. I'm a big guy that ppl normally don't take seriously when I have spoken about some problems in the past.
  4. White Rose
    Champion Alumni
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    White Rose avatar
    6325 posts
    2 August 2019 in reply to Marty89

    Dear Marty

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Being embarrassed about various difficulties is par for the course. If we could all speak openly and well enough to explain ourselves there would be considerably fewer problems in the world.

    It is amazing that we make assumptions about another's capacity to manage based on physical appearance. Not sure of the logic in this but I know appearance seems to set the agenda. In this instance I cannot see you, I can only know what you have written so taking you seriously has nothing to do with size. On this forum we are all the same size.

    Would you like to talk about your problems? We are always here to listen so do not be constrained by your past experiences. This forum was set up for people like you and me to have the freedom that comes with anonymity to talk about ourselves. I hope you will take advantage of this. I would love to have a conversation with you.


  5. Marty89
    Marty89 avatar
    5 posts
    8 August 2019 in reply to White Rose
    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for your comment, it's a great safety net knowing that I can speak about my problems with like minded people anonymously.

    Yeah I don't understand the logic and it is that stigma that I'm sure has stopped alot of people really seeking the help that is so desperately needed.

    My main problem is that I will have a physical symptom of anxiety (particulary breathlessness) that will happen and because I experience this I naturally think about it over and over until it gets so bad that I feel that way for weeks or months. And if one symptom will eventually subside it is soon replaced with another symptom like restlessness for example.

    I have actually seeked advice before from a doctor to be told "you'll be ok mate, take it easy your a big tough bloke" I cried on my way home and felt hopeless. I would always help someone big they confined in me regardless of appearance or culture. Truth is I'm very sensitive and just want to be taken seriously. Since turning 30 this year I have realised that my problems are not temporary and I will find a solution, even if that means just to manage my problems.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  6. Bear1922
    Bear1922 avatar
    25 posts
    8 August 2019 in reply to Marty89

    Hi Marty,

    I think the best advice, anyone can give on this forum is to seek professional help from a psychologist or psychiatrist. Anxiety can be very debilitating but treatments are effective in providing relief.

    BTW mental illness doesn't discriminate. That Dr you saw really should know better.



  7. Rock-Me-Hard Place
    Rock-Me-Hard Place avatar
    6 posts
    16 August 2019 in reply to Marty89

    Hey Marty, I too have this fear that I have breathing issues. Sometimes I swear I'm just going to stop breathing, then suck in a few big ones, and if at night, lay there wondering if I will wake up.

    I was sanding some paint on my house, and had to call an 000, because I was sure that I'd breathed in something toxic. They sent an Ambulance, and took me to Emergency, the Dr's were great and as soon as I told them I suffered from anxiety, they gave me a couple of pills and I settled right down.

    Reading through the forum, as I'm new here, I came across the lump in the throat symptom, I have that too.

    The thing I suffer from most is a tingling sensation in the arms and around the mouth, and the fear that I'm dying of something that isn't there. A pulled muscle in the back at the gym turns into lung cancer, in my head at least. Slowly, I'm learning to ignore the irrational thinking, but then the monster seems to tell me, that maybe it could be factual.

    I hear you Marty, breathe deep mate.

  8. Marty89
    Marty89 avatar
    5 posts
    17 August 2019 in reply to Rock-Me-Hard Place
    Oh that's horrible, I fully understand.. the symptoms might seem silly to people that don't go through it themselves and I guess it's that lack of understanding that makes it hard for us!

    I have had tingling in my hands and feet, even my face and have also felt numb in my hands which scared me the first couple of times it happened.

    The one thing that makes me believe that the physical symptoms of anxiety are just that ANXIETY is that as soon as one symptom disappears another will surely surface. It's a horrible cycle!

    Bear1922 yeah I know seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist is ultimately needed in managing symptoms of anxiety but it's also important to be able to express ourselves with people that are actually going through anxiety and depression.
  9. MotoGPFan
    MotoGPFan avatar
    3 posts
    22 August 2019 in reply to Marty89

    Marty89, you're not alone mate. It's rough. I could be watching a movie at home, loving it, not thinking of anything bar the movie, and I start getting that lump in my throat, that then turns into the need to take deeper breaths.

    5 Minutes later, I find that it has all disappeared without me knowing, until I realise that it has gone, and then it returns. Strange how the noggin works hey. It's frustrating, and so debilitating at times.

    As people have said before, you're not alone man! I know how good it is to realise that you're not the ONLY one suffering. I think one of my worst thoughts was sitting, walking, being in a public place; gym, traffic, shops, etc, and thinking that I'm THE only one dealing with this right now. I now think that the bloke or woman that walked past me 2 minutes ago, might be going through the exact same thing, having the same thought.

    Like you, I'm not much of a talker and prefer to be the one that provides the shoulder to lean on. My first sessions with my councilor seemed pointless, and I was angry, and frustrated with myself. It's getting better though, I'm now on my 4th session, and feel as though I'm making some progress.

    You're not alone mate! Hope things start looking up for you!

  10. White Rose
    Champion Alumni
    • Community champion volunteers who are not currently active on the forums.
    • Life membership is awarded by beyondblue for providing outstanding peer support to the online community over a period of 3+ years.
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    White Rose avatar
    6325 posts
    22 August 2019 in reply to Marty89

    Hello Marty

    Sorry not to have replied earlier. Unfortunately I have been unwell and I am still tired.

    It's that tricky anxiety which can fool us so easily. I get pains in the chest and have been taken to hospital several times just in case. At the time I have always felt something dreadful was about to happen and as I live alone there is no one handy to reassure me. Bit of a nuisance that. And I always vow I will not get panicky again. Hmm.

    After a while I have learned what is panic and what is a genuine illness. No prizes for guessing it's always been panic. So embarrassing and I believe that's one of the reasons we hesitate to ask for help. No one likes to look silly. The paramedics always tell me I have done the right thing because it could be something serious. I think they are great people. Still I do stay at home these days and I have not died yet.

    It can be useful to talk to a psychologist if only to get our heads round why we panic. Knowledge is a huge part of managing any mental health problem. You can find information about anxiety on this website. Go to The Facts tab at the top of the page and navigate from there.

    As others posting have said, it's good to know we are not alone. Certainly helps the self esteem. I am still gobsmacked that a doctor can tell anyone they are big and strong so can manage a panic attack. I hope I am never a patient of that doctor.

    Many years ago I came across the book series about IT. IT is anxiety and the author talks about her experiences. The books are Living With IT, Living IT Up and Letting IT Go. The author is Bev Aisbett. They written in a light hearted manner which makes them easy to read but the message is serious. Would take about an hour to read.


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