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Topic: Hi I'm a Newbie

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  1. Neesy
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    24 April 2020
    Hi my name is Neesy. I'm married and my husband (before we were married) went out for dinner with friends, including a female neighbour, who seemed interested in my husband at the time. Nothing eventuate from this, in fact the female neighbour said she couldn't understand him or his jargon (he is a mechanic)
    This happened in 2016. In 2017,my husband and I got married (we have known each other since I was in high-school, some 30years ago but reunited in 2016).
    Since I have moved in with my husband at his residence, the female neighbour has been harassing us, leaving objects on our vehicles, letters in our mailbox, I have asked her to stop via a message on Messenger but she keeps harassing us. I read on her Facebook page that she has a chronic illness but doesn't specify the medical issue. I also know that her husband died a while ago and she lives alone except for her pets. (cats).
    I don't understand why she continues this harassment. I have never met her, or spoken to her, yet she has formed an opinion of me writing that I am the harping wife and I should set my husband free? I'm not sure what to do but I am really upset and angry about this. I also think she may be looking through our windows at night, or listening to conversations, as some of her letters contain things my husband and I have spoken of. She has also been caught walking up and down our driveway and some of her notes have been left stuck on our front door.
    I don't know if there are mental health issues involved here, from grief of her husband, or whether it is from the chronic illness.
    I'm not sure whether to involve the police but we have tried to ignore her and her harassment and so far that hasn't worked. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. geoff
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    24 April 2020 in reply to Neesy

    Hello Neesy, thanks for posting this thread that appears to be a difficult situation for you and your husband.

    The uncertainty of why this has been happening is not known, whether she's doing it to try and break up the marriage or because she is jealous, anyway, it's not creating any harmony in your marriage.

    You could take out an AVO on her, but being a neighbour could make this little difficult and any written notes have to prove that she wrote them, it's her handwriting.

    If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford 24/7 cameras to install in your house and have an AVO on her, then if she is caught on camera then you can take these to the police who can act appropriately.

    There are other options for you to consider such as selling and changing all your phone numbers, but hope to hear back from you.


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  3. Neesy
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    2 posts
    25 April 2020 in reply to geoff
    Hello Geoff, thank you so much for your reply. The lady in question actually lives across the road, plus one house up.
    We are installing 24/7 cameras ASAP. One of the notes has her full name, address and phone number. Does that count towards evidence with the police? We also have a witness, as she left a note on his car tied to the side view mirror with string.
    We currently live with my husband's mother, who is 96y.o. and the owner of the house. So unfortunately, we can't sell.
    My mother in law has found a few of these notes that this person has left and she is very upset about it. My son left a note in this woman's letterbox asking her to stop the harassment and explained what this behaviour was doing to my mother in law.
    The following day, a note was left in our letterbox with the following (makes no sense)
    "Adam, your father suffers because of your negligence.
    Your gran is suffering because she has a guilty conscience.
    You are engaged in illegal activities and have criminal connections.
    You have bent coppers on your payroll. You are constipated. I have nothing more to say to you". Sx
    My son's name is not Adam, my husband and son work in a motor vehicle repair shop. They are not criminals and have not been in trouble with the Police or the Law.
    Since I posted in the forum, we have had two more notes left. Both very bizarre.
    One of the notes says that my husband is stuck by the second window in a chair and says that he must be taken away far from here. A friend must stay with him until he can keep away from here by himself. 'Here' meaning the street we live in I'm assuming.
    I do feel sorry for this woman as there is obviously a mental health issue but I also feel very angry that she persists with this unacceptable behaviour.
    Thank you Geoff for your help and understanding.

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