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Topic: Hi I’m New. My “name” is ExBike

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  1. ExBiker
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    26 March 2020


    I’m a 69 yo male living on my own.

    I suffer from Anxiety and Depression

    currently I’m isolated from my family, friends and social activities because of the virus

    I’m unable to get food basics from my local Woolworths and I’m becoming increasingly more anxious, depressed each day.
    I have become afraid to go outside my unit. I spend all my time in bed trying to sleep and not think about what is happening

    My family won’t come near me because they say I’m a risk

    i would rather die from the virus that die locked up in my apartment

  2. smallwolf
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    26 March 2020 in reply to ExBiker

    hi and welcome to beyond blue. This thing at the moment is making lots of people worry about things. People are on edge, fear they might have it and give to someone else, fear they will get it, etc. Now if you are need to get supplies there might be groups in your area that can help out. I know that where I live there are a number of groups running through Facebook to help others in the community. My sister in law is doing shopping for her parents and leave the food at the door. I would think that most churches are also helping out people in the community - well our church is.

    And while your family might not go near you, will they still speak to you on the phone?

    I hope you dont mind me asking you... what help do you get for your anxiety and depression. I could share some of the things I do that help me.

    there are also threads on grounding and mindfulness on the forums that you could look at to find way to break the circle of negative thoughts.

    perhaps you could tell me about some of the social activities you did before the virus? and lastly are you still able to phone your friends? I know it is not the same but perhaps a way of helping each other through these days.

    peace to you,


  3. Sleepy21
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    26 March 2020 in reply to smallwolf

    Hey Ex Bike,

    Welcome to the forums. I'm so sorry you feel so isolated in your apartment, and taht people aren't showing consideration about how that might make you feel. With mental health struggles, like I also have, there is a lot of pain and difficulty being alone in our homes.

    Tim's kind and smart suggestion of mindfulness excercises sounds about right. They are free and grounding, available on Youtube. I've used two mindfulness meditations over this time when i felt just so sick of being alone and like I was almost dying because days become so monotonous. It helped and gave me a little accomplishment in my day.

    I'm sorry I can't think of anything too powerful to offer to help with this, I just hope your days get a little easier while in lockdown. It can bring up a lot of painful thoughts and feelings, and you are on the right track I feel (in my opininion) by putting words to those feelings and sharing here. You may see many of us feel the same. it doesn't take it away, but it's something... hope you are okay.

  4. geoff
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    12994 posts
    26 March 2020 in reply to ExBiker

    Hello Ex-Biker, welcome to the forums.

    Both the 2 big supermarkets are providing 'a priority assistance service' which means you can order online and they will deliver food and grocery essentials to elderly and vulnerable members of the community, so all you need to do is googles W---priority assistance service or C---priority assistance service, fill the form in and then they will assess whether you qualify or not, then you can order online.


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