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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Inertia and demotivated - can't seem to focus on anything

Topic: Inertia and demotivated - can't seem to focus on anything

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  1. NikNaki
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    2 posts
    9 April 2020
    Hi, I'm new here and I need some help to deal with how I am feeling. I have depression and anxiety and it is usually well managed through medication and sessions with my psychologist. I have been struggling with a feeling of inertia - I can't seem to focus on anything or do anything. I am supposed to be studying, but I am not able to focus on the readings and I am stressing about falling behind. I loved going to the campus, and now that I am at home with my kids and husband I feel that I have no time to myself - and that makes me withdraw. I am struggling with selfcare most days and my mood is very low. I know that I need to have a routine, but I am feeling completely demotivated. How can I get myself back on track?
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  2. uncut_gems
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    9 April 2020 in reply to NikNaki

    Hi NikNaki,

    Welcome to the forums. I know that exact feeling you're describing, because I've really been struggling with it myself the past few weeks of lockdown. There are some basic things you might do like set yourself a daily schedule (doesn't have to bee too strict/regimented), download some free programs that stop you from going to sites that distract you, and trying to separate the spaces in your home into 'work' and 'non-work' areas to give you some semblance of a place to go.

    While these are all potentially useful tips, I've personally found that I just need to be really patient with myself to get my motivation back. It never occurred to me how much of my motivation is dependent on going different places and changing settings every few hours.

    Right now I'm challenging myself to just do an hour or two a day. Very simple. So that at the end of each day I have at least one thing I can look back on as having been productive. Looking forward to hearing what others come up with.

    Hang in there!


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  3. NikNaki
    NikNaki avatar
    2 posts
    9 April 2020 in reply to uncut_gems

    Hi Gems

    Thankyou so much for your post - it really helped me. I liked what you said about being patient and trying to get one or two hours done. I'm going to try it. Thankyou again :)


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  4. Thisshallpass2
    Thisshallpass2 avatar
    4 posts
    10 April 2020 in reply to NikNaki
    Hi Nik , I hope this helps , I found going back to basics is a great way to refocus and reduce the noise . I don’t know your dislikes or likes , let’s say you have a garden, find a flower , and really look at it, look at the way the light hits it, the shape and curves, how it moves in a breeze , then breath in and count to six and exhale. This take practice. It will become easier the more you do it, It will recenter you and relax you also.

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