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Forums / Welcome and orientation / Introducing... Me!!!

Topic: Introducing... Me!!!

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. LostNotFound
    LostNotFound avatar
    5 posts
    16 May 2015

    Hi all,

     So, where to start, just through some of the threads I've looked over I'm seeing people in similar positions.

    I'm 31, married, 3 kids. Everyone tells me I should be happy and thankful that I have that. Which, for the most part I am. What I struggle with is that I feel like a failure, I don't seem to be moving anywhere with my job, I thought I had beaten all of my issues from growing up, but I hadn't.

    I don't have friends, too many bad experiences have left me finding it difficult to trust. All the people in my life see me as their rock, including those who should have been mine. My wife has her own issues which we have been working through for the entirety of our relationship (13 years).

     In recent times I've lost my centre and now everything I thought I had resolved for myself has started flooding out.

    I've not been diagnosed with depression, but I know that I am. I've not been diagnosed with asbergers but my family have decided that I have it. Everytime I do something or I'm not coping they chalk it down to asbergers.

    I'm hoping that I can start healing by letting out my frustrations, hurts and my feelings of being lost.

  2. July
    July avatar
    241 posts
    16 May 2015 in reply to LostNotFound

    Hi lostnotfound,

    Im sorry you are feeling so frustrated at the moment, you are completely normal, we all get caught up in the day to day problems in life and it all gets a bit much.

    You are supporting a wife and three kids,thats a lot of work and stress, and if your wife has issues to thats putting pressure on you as well, sometimes the "rock" needs a bit of nurturing to, we put the needs of others above our own then we start getting run down.

    Our childhood issues when laying unresolved tend to rear their ugly head when everything else is going under, because we don't have those coping skills to manage other issues so thus compounding the problem, and the trust issue is a residual problem to.

    I have those same issues that I am now addressing  and believe me  counselling can do wonders to just release those emotions and be understood, its hard but good and  talking to someone who is not directly involved is beneficial.

    You know how you feel inside and its great that you acknowledge those feelings thats the first step, on here you can let it all out and not be judged cause many people will relate to your post, so you are in turn helping others to.

    Resolving the issues and building that trust will take time, so don't be to hard on yourself you will get there and you have three precious little people who love you more than anything and remember you are the most important person their world, so take care of yourself for you, them and your wife.

    All the best


  3. LostNotFound
    LostNotFound avatar
    5 posts
    16 May 2015 in reply to July

    Thanks July.

    I've looked at counselling before but basically received the answers I already knew.

    Maybe once I've gotten comfortable acknowledging it anonymously I'll do better with a counsellor and then my family. Actually no, I want to avoid doubt, I will do better.

  4. July
    July avatar
    241 posts
    16 May 2015 in reply to LostNotFound


    I know what you mean, I to knew intellectually the logic behind my actions, I think it was more just having someone to "confirm" what I was feeling was right or justified.

    It is a process and we all have to find the path that suits us best, even just reading other posts you can get some good ideas/information.

    Well good luck and take it easy


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