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Topic: Lonely and tired

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  1. Dreamer02
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    30 June 2019

    I've been a single mum to two young kids for the last 2 and a half years, I was happy to be out of my marriage at the beginning but I ended up feeling lonely and craving affection. I dated and they never lasted long but I always went from one to the next like an addiction, I really needed to feel loved or have that affection. My mum tells me it's like I'm always searching for something and nothing seems to be good enough. I feel like I'm broken and I'm too far gone to change. I also began drinking a fair bit of alcohol, I thought I was more fun and I had more patience with my children. I couldn't focus whilst I was drinking so much though and I ended up quitting new jobs I'd gotten and stopped study after a week.

    8 months ago I met a guy, he is amazing. I've stopped drinking as much, only one night a week that I don't have the kids; I have started going to the gym and I have gone back to studying and I am killing it... But... I don't know what has come over me but the past few weeks I have been doubting our relationship, feeling that neediness for more affection and time with him. He has been super patient with me but he has his own stuff to deal with and I feel like I am pushing him away. I've also been thinking about alcohol again just to stop me feeling this crappy.. be that chilled, relaxed person who is always happy again. I feel like my happiness depends on my relationships, and that isn't fair on my children.

    I feel like I'm taking all my emotions out on my children, I have no patience and I yell.. I stop them playing if they're making too much noise.. I can't be bothered cooking proper meals or going out anywhere. I feel so guilty by the end of the day, I think my kids are going to end up hating me and I end up screwing them up emotionally.

    I have goals.. I want to finish my diploma and go back to work and better mine and my children's lives, but I am feeling more and more unpredictable emotionally and I'm beginning to think I'll never be able to make that happen. That I'll be alone forever and that my kids will eventually resent me :(

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  2. Birdy77
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    4 July 2019 in reply to Dreamer02
    Dear Dreamer02,

    I am so sorry it has taken such a long while for your post to be seen, it has somehow slipped through the cracks, which happens from time to time. Please know that this was unintentional and your post is just as important as anyone else's here.

    It sounds like you've started to take better care of yourself recently after your break up, managing being a single mum, going to the gym and starting your study (and annihilating it 👍) ... do you feel that there has been a trigger for the change in your needs/feelings with your partner/guy?

    It's so good and really healthy that you have goals and wish to improve your and your children's future. It must feel really hard sometimes, keeping it all together, I think it's pretty natural to do a bit of yelling as a parent ! So don't beat yourself up too much about this - have you ever thought that maybe your kids will look at you as coping the best you can in a very difficult situation.

    I think the fact that you're sensitive to the way you are with your kids is a huge positive - a lot of people don't even think on it one way or another.

    I really hope you will come back and talk more and please know we are here for you.

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