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Topic: Monthly Forums Update: Reflecting Back on April

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  1. Sophie_M
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    5 May 2020

    Hi Everyone,

    We’ve experienced a range of thoughts, feelings and emotions over the past month as our communities continue to be impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. March was for most of us the beginning of life under coronavirus restrictions. May may yet prove to be the beginning of easing those restrictions. In between, we lived through April – the first full month in which we tried to adapt and accept a few uncertainties. It is important to acknowledge communities that are also still recovering from the recent bushfire crisis at this time.

    What has remained constant throughout this time is the presence of incredible individuals who continue to join our online community to work through this time of adjustment and change.

    Community Voices: What are people talking about?

    An Easter unlike any other 

    Well Easter isn't going to feel like Easter this year. My sister, brother-in-law and my little brother will not be able to join us for our usual roast lunch as there are already four of us including me, my mum, my littlest brother and my son in the house. Isn't Easter supposed to be a time for celebrating the crucifixion and the resurrection? I feel very sad about this ’cause it doesn't just affect me it affects the whole family. - aussiestorm (read more here)

    I saw my son and his kids today. We went for a walk. My son rang me first to tell me where he was going so I could just happen to walk to the same area. We did stick to the rules and stay physically apart but needed to remind the 5 year old that I couldn't play chasey as I wasn't allowed close enough to touch him. Elizabeth CP  (read more here)

    Easter was weird, we tried to do somethings to make the event, nice lunch, some Easter art... lol... but all in all it was really strange as I usually travel to see my dad at this time and I was not able to do that this year. I am close to my dad and even more so since my brother's passing. - Aaronsis (read more here:'t-know-what-to-do---a-mess-of-a-situation/page/6

    General fear/fatigue with social distancing and lockdown

    Personally I'm on a rollercoaster; one minute loving that I don't have to face the world, next minute in the fetal position crying 🙄 - Miss Manson (read more here)

    My problem is that we have another family member who lives with us. They have to go to work but have started to go out socially too… If it were just me and my husband in the house I'm sure I would be fine as I know exactly what we do but it’s the unknown I am struggling with. I wipe down door handles, light switches etc every day so doing as much as I can there.  - Travelbuddy (read more here)

    Something that has been helping me is making future plans for when the pandemic is over or restrictions lift. Specifically, I find making future plans with people (that I can’t currently see in person) to offset some of my current feelings of depression & disconnection. We discuss our plans virtually :) 
    Admittedly, we don’t know when the pandemic will be over. But planning gives me a ray of hope, & it acts as a reminder of the temporary nature of social isolation. Also, I think it’s a good bonding exercise to plan together (virtually) 😊 - Peppermintbach (read more here)

    In a thread that's been running since 2014, in April dinosaurs dominated in Worst Joke Wednesday

    Q: What dinosaur is a writer's best friend? 
    A: Thesaurus!! -Birdy77  

    Why did the dinosaur take a bath? 

    To become ex-stinked - Ggrand 

    Q: How do you ask a dinosaur to lunch? 
    A: Tea, Rex? -Croix 

    Valued Contributor Award

    Our Valued Contributor for the month of April is Deckt!

    Since joining the forums in January, Deckt has been very generous in sharing his own experiences to support others across the forums and takes the time to ensure others feel heard and understood.

    Thank you Deckt for embodying the spirit of the forums community by giving support to receive support.

    Welcome Back ‘Just Sara’!

    We welcome back Just Sara to our team of Community Champions! 

    Introducing Tay100 and missep123!

    Tay100 and missep123 have also recently joined our team of Community Champions! To read more about their journeys feel free to have a look at our thread. ‘Introducing...the community champions

    BB News

    Introducing Beyond Blue’s first ever podcast series ‘Not Alone’! Listen to Cliff's story now at and subscribe to the 'Not Alone' podcast to stay updated on the release of upcoming episodes.

    As our Chair Julia Gillard has recently shared (listen here), it is important to recognise the ways in which events like the summer bushfire crisis can impact our overall wellbeing. For continued support for those impacted by the bushfire crisis feel free to visit our ‘Bushfires and mental health’ page.

    Our team continues to post new content to our Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service site to best assist our community. Here is a list of some of the most recent articles added to our site:

    Problem gambling during the coronavirus pandemic and how to seek support

    Working from home as a parent or carer: ways to cope

    Managing difficult conversations with employees

    Supporting someone who may be experiencing domestic violence

    Supporting older people during the coronavirus pandemic

    Focus on forums: Community kindness during the coronavirus pandemic

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