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Topic: New member - Never done this before

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  1. Rocketgirl
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    8 May 2019

    Hi all,

    I've never been apart of a forum before, but I hate talking out loud, so perhaps this way I can let out some of the things I need to say without actually saying them!

    Anyway, i'm a mum of one with a fiance.

    I don't know if I have depression, or anxiety, or anything else really. I don't know if my current lifestyle is all that's wrong with me, or if there is an underlying issue. I've battled depression most of my life, but a change in lifestyle, mindset and association seemed to fix it and i turned it all around. Once I found my fiance and we got pregnant I thought that I would never see the signs of sadness again.. but they are back.

    I feel disconnected from everyone. I don't go out. I don't answer my phone. I cry when my fiance goes out with his mates. I feel like i've got no control over anything.

    I hate this feeling.

  2. smallwolf
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    8 May 2019 in reply to Rocketgirl

    Hi Rocketgirl,

    welcome to beyond blue.

    This space is next best thing if you feel you are unable to talk to someone about you problems. I also want you to know that the users here are non-judgemental and will support you. So if you have something you need to get out, this is a good place.

    Other users have also mentioned something along the lines of everything is OK, so why am I depressed? Of course there maybe some underlying medical cause. For me, it is haemochromatosis, for someone else close to me is a thryoid condition and for someone else Parkinsons. Not to say you have any, but if there were anything a visit to your GP could give you some answers one way or another.

    There is also the K10 test on the beyond blue web site you can look at?

    Assuming it is not medical, it sounds like you have to deal with this by yourself? That being the case...

    • you might want to look at threads on mindfulness and grounding in the forums that might help to manage or cope with the negative thoughts.
    • Is there anything you know that acts as a trigger? You might have to reflect on times when you were anxious or ....
    • there are also apps that you can install onto your phone to help you as well. If you are interested in more information on these, please let me know.

    Most importantly, I want to you that I am listening to you. I hope you come back and chat some more.


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