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Topic: New on Forum

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  1. Jemima24
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    2 posts
    25 May 2020

    Hi there

    Have felt anxiety/depression on and off most of my life. In a marriage but feel very lonely, not sure if I would feel less lonely if I left the marriage. We are complete opposites and trying to build a connection. Sometimes it works but basically always a struggle. Haven't got any stability in my job and work is drying up which is really triggering my depression at the moment. Don't have any close friends and desperate for connection. Getting a stable job that I enjoy is the break I need but is not happening for me. Hoping to connect with others who can relate to this...

  2. White Rose
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    6148 posts
    25 May 2020 in reply to Jemima24

    Dear Jemima

    Hello and welcome to the forum. This is a good place to get support and talk about your various emotions. There are many who can relate to you and hopefully will be along soon to chat.

    It sounds like you are trying to cope with a number of different situations which is always a struggle. Can you tell your husband about these feelings of loneliness? How do you think he would react? It's usually hard for someone to understand depression or anxiety if they have never experienced it. Can you browse the beyondblue information and perhaps download and/or print some of the information sheets. You can find these under The Facts at the top of the page.

    This pandemic is causing a great deal of uncertainty for so many people with regard to their jobs. Not having a reliable income will cause lots of anxiety and unfortunately finding a new job is difficult under the circumstances.Has your boss applied for the job keeper funding? If so it may make your job feel a little more secure. Perhaps a good idea to check this out.

    As you have been dealing with anxiety and depression for many years does this mean you have been working with a mental health professional at any time? It may be a good idea to return to some form of therapy or perhaps start if you have not been involved in this in the past.

    How does your husband feel about a possible separation? Does he know you are considering this? And of course if you are out of a job it makes the decision more complicated. May I suggest you see your GP and have a good chat. Talk about what is bothering you. It may be your GP can refer you to someone who can help. If you want to deal with your marriage issues please contact Relationships Australia in your state. Would your husband go with you to counselling?

    Please continue to post in here.


  3. Jemima24
    Jemima24 avatar
    2 posts
    26 May 2020 in reply to White Rose
    Thanks Mary, I guess my depression gets triggered by instability with work . I'm working as a casual and not affected workwise with COVID so Jobkeeper not relevant. I will motivate myself to look for another job and try and stay positive. Its a good place to start....

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