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Topic: New to the forum

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  1. Cheezle93
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    29 April 2020


    like a lot of people I am currently working from home. I get out and exercise most days for a run or walk. I am fortunate enough to have a beautiful girlfriend and our 5 month baby daughter here to, so very grateful I get to spend more time with them as I love them dearly. I’m feeling very frustrated and mad at myself though, despite having them to brighten my day, I find I am feeling very grumpy and flat all the time and it has meant I’m not giving my all as a partner. I feel like I should be feeling happier at the end of the day, but instead I don’t really feel like talking and just want to be quiet. Just cannot seem to get out of this funk and I would like my partner to know how much I love her but i can’t express that as much as she would like and I’m feel mad at myself that I can’t when I’m feeling this flat.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Tay100
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    29 April 2020 in reply to Cheezle93

    Hi Cheezle93

    Welcome to the forums- thanks for reaching out here, it can be a scary step, so go you!

    Firstly, I just wanted to remind you that in strange times like this, having ups and downs with moods is perfectly normal and valid- don't feel disgruntled that these feelings are there. What's important is that you want to address this group of feelings so you can grow for yourself and partner.

    Secondly, a good thing to do might be to address the root cause of this 'funk'- here, some professional help might be really useful. We can navigate this together if you like- just let me know.

    Thirdly, in terms of dealing with the funk in the moment, a good idea would be to be transparent with your partner so she knows what's going on. She might be the best person to lift your spirits, and this will communicate that you trust her and feel ok being vulnerable with her- an important stepping stone in being able to express your love for her, which you say you struggle with during your 'flat' mood.

    Fourthly, you mention you exercise, and that's a great form of self care! May I also suggest more gentle forms of self care- this might lift your mood. This could include trying some mindfulness, watching a movie, or cooking- anything that relaxes you.

    Hope this makes sense and helps you somewhat. Keep us posted, if you like, Cheezle93.


  3. Ggrand
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    29 April 2020 in reply to Cheezle93

    Hello Cheezle..

    Welcome to the forums..

    Tay100 has given you some good suggestions...

    I would like to ask you..if that’s okay?...

    When you do your daily walk/run for exercise, I’m wondering if you could do it after you finish your work, and take along your beautiful girlfriend and adorable 5 month old daughter in a pram and all go together for some winding down time for you and some family time for all...

    Its definitely hard going through these tough times..and working from home, your probably missing your buddies also....I really hope that this corona virus ends we all do...

    Your partner sounds very caring, maybe a nice little talk to her and let her know what you’re going through would ease some pressure of your mind....or a chat to your gp...sometimes talking to someone helps a lot, and makes us feel better....

    Wishing you all the best dear Cheezle...for you and your beautiful family..

    Sending my care, love and hugs..🦋💜🤗.


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