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Topic: Newbie

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. mumov3
    mumov3 avatar
    2 posts
    1 April 2014

    Hey all,

    Newbie here
    I was very hesistant about signing up. I was thinking of just joining looking reading and helping you all and not post, as I am a person that don't like expressing my feelings or letting people know what's wrong!
    and I think I need to stop tricking myself and get advice," help" if u want to call it that!

    I am a mumov3 girls, from Tasmania!
    I have suffered anxiety and depression since 2006- have had my ups and most definately downs.

  2. scorch
    scorch avatar
    182 posts
    1 April 2014 in reply to mumov3

    Hi Mumov3

    Welcome to Beyond Blue.

    I'm glad you've signed up.  These forums sometimes seem a little daunting, but they are worth being a part of.  There are some very wise, helpful and caring people on this site and they really can help make a difference in your life!  Well, they certainly help keep me going.  

    How old are your girls if I may ask? :)

  3. Mbuna
    Mbuna avatar
    95 posts
    1 April 2014 in reply to scorch

    Hey Mum

    Welcome to the forums. We are all here to help if we can. I signed up and for the first 3 months I did not post at all. I would log on every day an read all the posts. It made me realise that i was not the only one with problems and I learned a lot. Some of the advice helped me and some did not. The good thing about this forum is that nobody judges you. I very rarely find a post or comment that is negative. I think you will be glad that you signed up.



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