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Topic: Post Acute Withdrawal

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Matt60
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    1 posts
    20 July 2021

    Hi im looking for support re anxiety and depression from coming of pharmaceutical meds im 14 weeks post detox and still struggling with mental health

    regards Matt

  2. therising
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    2007 posts
    20 July 2021 in reply to Matt60

    Hi Matt60

    Wow, 14 weeks is a seriously long time to be managing mental health without feeling a positive difference. I'd like to think part of the detox plan involved you having solid guidance. If not, you gotta question that. I feel for you so much as you question your way forward.

    From a holistic point of view, covering 3 aspects, you could ask

    • Mentally, how do I manage my internal dialogue? How do I channel the optimist or sage in me? How do I connect with that part of myself who simply won't tolerate nonsense or abuse from people? How do I spot when the 'victim' in me pops in and what do I need to say to that sense of self, to be reassuring? How do I manage the stresser in me?
    • Physically, how do I manage my chemistry, when I've stopped adding chemistry to my body to balance things (the medication)? How do I function on a biological level? From an energetic perspective, what is going to lead my cells to vibrate at a healthier level? What energy inputs will be significant when it comes to the health of my cells, brain cells included?
    • Naturally, how do I identify each and every feeling I experience? This one's definitely a challenge, as we tend to group our feelings and identify them as their heading. For example, during my years in depression, I'd describe my overall feeling as depressed. In hindsight, I can tell you that I can split the 'down' feelings up into multiple sensations (senses). There was a mixture of feeling a sense of intolerance, grief (lost sense of self), disappointment, misunderstanding (of myself), rejection, abandonment (people not helping me find answers), a lack of energy and the list goes on.

    I can imagine anxiety would be a bit the same. While anxiety becomes the heading you may best identify with, if you were to pinpoint each and every sensation or feeling, could you say you can feel: Fear of failure, fear of chastisement. Can you feel when you're in a challenge which takes courage to get through? Can you feel your own nervous system and heart rate ramping up? Can you feel when you don't have enough time to complete a task which accompanies the feeling of having to restructure your priorities? Can you feel someone who is highly degrading and so on?

    With the feeling aspect, the challenge becomes about getting in touch with each and every individual feeling. Picking when there's collection of them at play, at once, also becomes a part of the challenge. What am I feeling is always a good question to ask. See what comes to mind.


  3. Scapegoated
    Scapegoated avatar
    40 posts
    25 July 2021 in reply to Matt60

    Hi Matt,

    I really relate to you. I tried going off an antidepressant but i had to go back on it and I just got out of hospital and now I am trying a different antidepressant and i belive i am having withdrawals from the first one . I know how painful it can be: the lack of sleep, the anxiety, the desire to isolate, the pain of bad memories resurfacing. I am experiencing the same thing switching medications. I am sorry that you are feeling this way and I am here for whatever you need. I will look back at this thread to see how you are. It is frustrating when you are trying to do the right thing like go off a medicine that was supposed to help you but it really made things worse.I wish you the best and I give you lots of hugs and send positive energy your way. You deserve it.

  4. Scapegoated
    Scapegoated avatar
    40 posts
    25 July 2021 in reply to therising
    Wow I just copied and pasted this response it sure could have helped me in my posts. Maybe i wouldn't have ended up in hospital.

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