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Topic: Reflecting Back on October

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  1. Sophie_M
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    6 November 2020

    Hi Everyone,

     Welcome to all new members who have joined over the last month and thank you for everyone stepping in to support others who have reached out within the forums community. We hope everyone continues to be gentle with themselves as we approach the end of the year which we recognise can be a stressful time for many.

    Community Voices: What are people talking about?


    Even though I am married with kids I feel so empty and lonely. I have never been great at making friends or keeping them, as a child/teenager I was always to scared to bring friends home because you never knew when my dad was in a good or bad mood and he is the type of person that thought everyone should think and believe in what he did and looked down on those who didn’t. - Lonely Cookie (Read more here

    I've recently dropped a whole lot of toxic friends and friends who just never put in any effort. One of the big things for my depression is that I'm really lonely. Does anyone have any good suggestions on good places or hobbies to make new friends for people in their late 20s?  - Lolue (Read more here)

    Recently I’ve been feeling really sad and lonely when I’m alone. I feel sad about how few friends I have, how that there must be something wrong with me because I can’t make more friends and can’t find a healthy, reciprocal relationship/boyfriend. I compare myself to every other girl seeing them as really fun to be around and interesting, and that I have no personality and no fun traits. - Von is lost (Read more here)

    Understanding physical symptoms related to anxiety

    Hello, I am a 22 year old male. Recently after a tough time in life, I was diagnosed with GAD. Been getting headaches for a few weeks already, went to get a CT scan done and a full physical examination with the results being negative for anything serious. I am aware that anxiety can cause headaches, but is it normal to feel them even on days that you don't feel anxious? - artiste9909 (Read more here)

    some mornings i wake up, i feel as though someone has been sitting on my chest the whole night. I occasionally wake up with muscular pains in my chest/ chest area. A wrong movement and i am in pain. The pain goes away but seems to come back after a couple of weeks and so on. - Larks98 (Read more here)

    This is the first time I’ve ever logged on to one of these pages before and it’s cool to find people going through the same thing. I find that my symptoms are often hard to differentiate from just a head cold. I regularly experience, headaches and it feels as if there’s pressure between my eyebrows and forehead. I also get that typical churned stomach feeling and IBS like symptoms and my long sighted vision isn’t clear when I’m anxious. I often get hot flushes as well, which triggers a stream of thoughts that I’m unwell which causes me more anxiety. - User260990 (Read more here)

    Self-care strategies

    anxiety and depression for me only comes from a few sources. Unfortunately they are essential, so learning to cope with the source was a must. sometimes i have to remove myself, sometimes i have to write in my journal. This got me thinking, What is a trigger for you, and how do you overcome it? - Not_Batman (Read more here)

    We can do it BBers, we can do self-care. Sleepy21 pointed out research that shows self-care REALLY helps! Please share what you do for self-care so we can get inspiration, ideas and motivation to do it too.ecomama (Read more here

    Ever feel like everything happens to you? Feel like something wrong is just bound to happen in any given experience? Instead, think ‘Things are happening for me.’ The key element here is seeing things as an opportunity. A chance to change, grow, become a better person by picking that path which is true to yourself. - Jolly Chaplin (Read more here)

    Valued Contributor Award

    Our Valued Contributor for the month of October is sunnyl20!

    sunnyl20 has been nominated for always ensuring they enter a conversation on the forums with empathy and often responds in a way that is friendly, respectful and in a way that demonstrates a genuine concern for another’s wellbeing. Thank you for all your contributions sunnyl20!

    To read more about what a Valued Contributor is and how you can nominate a fellow community member, please refer to our thread Nominate a Valued Contributor here:

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