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Topic: Return to Work help

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  1. R1PLEY
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    12 May 2021
    Hi folks, thanks for reading my post. I’m new here, but have been reading through a lot of the old threads. I’m currently going through a workers comp claim for psychological injury and the process is thoroughly exhausting. I just had a call today from my Return to Work provider and it’s sent me spiralling. I don’t want to go back. There are so many reasons for this, but I really don’t know what to do. I don’t mind seeking other employment but I’m worried my boss will give me a poor referral or that it will interfere with the WC process. I can’t find information and I’m just feeling deeper and deeper in a hole I can’t climb out of. I’m afraid to go back and feel trapped again and afraid to find myself in the headspace that led me to claim in the first place. I’m afraid I’m doing the wrong thing, that it’s going to do more harm to me in the long run. Does anyone have any advice or experience that they can relate?
  2. white knight
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    13 May 2021 in reply to R1PLEY

    Hi, welcome

    I'm sorry an answer has taken so long.

    I've been an insurance salesman (one of 15 professions lol) , along with a workcover investigator and other tasks associated with compensation.

    I have also had a couple of claims that went as long as 10 months post injury.

    One thing is certain, the workers compensation system in most or all states is a labyrinth or maze of issues and processes that is deplorable for the injured party. But at the end of the day you have no other option but to accept that it is the way it is. You wont change a system that countless others have complained about.

    My first concern for you is to ask if you have a compensation lawyer representing you. This is most important to safeguard your rights which can and often is mildly violated during the said process. If not then seek one out.

    Secondly you might be of the opinion that your own GP is all that is needed in terms of his/her support with remaining off work- not so. The insurance company that you are under can send you to one of their approved specialists which frustratingly is pro the insurance companys interest (so they get a good flow of work).

    No one case of compensation is comparable to any other. However I'll mention that in my case of 10 months off work (1987) I had to slowly accept that the psychological injury sustained on me meant I could never return to that profession. That meant I had two options- to fight it in a court and hopefully seek a dollar figure of compensation for damages or seek another profession and move on. I chose the latter and in my case I would do the same again today if fronted with such a situation. In the 10 months I was off work I saw my wife and family members suffer around me, my own anger peak and my well being erode.

    Once in a different profession it took about 3 months to psychologically recover and feel good. I ended up chucking all the paperwork of my claim in the bin. But thats my case not yours. Yours is for you to decide.

    I wish you well. The WC system is full of fraudulent claims hence most cases are investigated to confirm its legitimate. That's the way the game is.

    If you like to repost and discuss more please do. Other Community Champions and members are here to help you through any emotional challenges you face.


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