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Forums / Welcome and orientation / So worried I have bowel cancer -first post

Topic: So worried I have bowel cancer -first post

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  1. Miss Health Anxiety
    Miss Health Anxiety avatar
    1 posts
    4 August 2019

    Hi Everyone,

    This week I found out I have low iron and blood in my stool through positive FOBT test. I’m 38 years old and have been having narrower and softer stools more often. I feel fullness and heaviness in the bowls but the frustrating part is you can’t even trust your own symptoms with anxiety. Don’t know if it’s anxiety related symptoms or cancer symptoms! I have read that this could be many other things but I’m convinced it’s Stage 4 colon cancer. I was diagnosed with ibs five years ago and had a ct scan of my bowel which was clear but now Im pissed off with myself for not having a colonoscopy as the scan had probably missed a polpt and the radiation has caused it to grow rapidly. I haven’t slept in the last two nights, I’m off my food and I can’t be in the moment at all with my family. I’m basically a shell I’m moving around but not present locked away in my other worries about bowel cancer. I worry most about being put under for a colonoscopy only to wake up to the doctor saying I have advanced cancer. I couldn’t cope with even early cancer as I would constantly be in fear of mestases.

  2. paddyanne
    paddyanne avatar
    127 posts
    4 August 2019 in reply to Miss Health Anxiety
    Hi Miss Health Anxiety. I can well understand your cancer fear. I suggest you see your G.P at your first available moment and arrange for a bowel cancer kit to be sent. You can do this online if you prefer. The cancer kit allows you to test in the comfort of your own home. The kit has instructions for use and is easy as. I myself have done it twice and both times the results were negative. Still discuss your fears with your G.P and discuss the pros and cons of having a colonoscopy. These fears are real and need to be discussed with your Dr. Being told by anyone that you shouldn't be concerned isn't helpful. If you have anyone to support you emotionally, ask the Dr if they can come into his office with you. Most Dr's today are pretty understanding when it comes to cancer.

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