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Topic: Career counselling

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  1. pinktulip
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    10 October 2020
    Are they any career counselling services for depressed people for a fee? Because I don't see studying re towards my degree anyway because keep getting depressed... and because I've been doing a reduced course load in the first place; I have all the memories of struggling to concentrate etc... And I look online and there's career counselling services but I don't think they are meant for people currently depressed or irritable... Oh, but I'm over 25 so I wouldn't qualify for Headspace advertised stuff... Like a psychiatrist who didn't know what they were talking about re area of study tell me I was letting myself down re changing degrees re shorter period of time and more relevant...
  2. Tay100
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    11 October 2020 in reply to pinktulip

    Hi there pinktulip

    Thanks for posting, we appreciate you reaching out. Your university may actually be a great resource in terms of helping you find the person you need, even if you aren't currently studying. Your local council may advertise some similar services for people of all ages and walks of life too. You can also seek general support and insight from other people seeking career and employment advice whilst on their mental health journey on this thread and across the forums in general. Finding a job is hard in these times, and having additional things to worry about depression can be hard as well- has there been anything that has helped you in your journey so far?


  3. White Rose
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    11 October 2020 in reply to pinktulip

    Hello Pinktulip

    I am not aware of career counselling services specifically for people with depression. Having said that I believe all counselling services must have some knowledge of depression in order to help others by pointing them in the right direction.

    Most, if not all, unis have counselling services so I suggest you go and see someone there. They can combine therapy with career suggestions. I see your point about remembering how much you have struggled and how this has hampered you.

    Do you have any ideas about what you would like to achieve both in a career and in study if you continue with this. Some years ago I returned to uni part time to study a Master's degree even though I was struggling with a huge depression. I found it helped because it gave me a sense of purpose, the feeling that I could achieve this. It was also, in some ways, diversional therapy for me as it kept my least helpful thoughts quiet.

    It can be difficult to make decisions when we are depressed. That wretched black dog tries to keep us going round in circles with our thoughts and not making a decision. Very frustrating.

    Why not give these career counselling organisations you have discovered on line a try. The most that can happen is they say no.

    There are mental health providers who are more in tune with their patients than others. You may care to try another professional, someone you feel comfortable with.

    Check out your uni resources and see what they can offer. Investigate the online resources in the same way. Have a chat to your GP about a mental health plan with therapy from a psychologist. Look at other uni courses to see if there is something different you want to do.


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