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Forums / Young people / Falling through the cracks

Topic: Falling through the cracks

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  1. Mark29
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    3 posts
    6 May 2020


    I feel like i'm falling through the cracks ATM

    With things starting to pick up again & people raising from this crisis, I feel nothing has changed for me. I tired to keep busy during the lockdown by signing up to a TAFE course that i could fly through & I've just done that. But the thing is really, when it comes to your own words or answering short answer questions i just get stress. I've got poor spelling or grammar & lying to myself that an employer would want to hire a failed person. I've been suffering Anxiety for years & seeing a GP & psychologist but feel they haven't done anything by reaching out to other services in helping me get better with life - I've got strategies. Sometimes they work & other times they don't. I just feel these days, i'm falling through the cracks

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  2. Aaronsis
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    6 May 2020 in reply to Mark29

    Hello Mark

    Welcome to the community and it is really great you have come for some support today - you are not a failed person...can I say to you that poor spelling and grammar is not who you are and not what an employer basis a decision on..ok sure if you were going for a role as an editor, this would come into play, however, there are so many things you are capable of doing and being successful at, as you can see, you enrolled and completed a TAFE course to better yourself and to get some more skills, how wonderful is that. Can I also tell you that I am hopeless at maths, I have a daughter in year 8, I have not been able to help her from about grade 5! I know it is a weakness but does it define way..does it impact my role at way..I do things that don't require the use of math and have managed just fine..I am 45. You have sooo many other skills that you can call on to make your life a success, you are capable and you are no failure.

    We have choices, I guess if the maths really bothered me I can do some online things to help me improve, I have even at times had to do that so I can help my daughter when she is having a could increase your spelling skills by reading and I am sure there are things online that you can do to improve this, if you choose to...but it does not make Mark29 who he is!!!

    I am so happy to hear that you have sought some professional help with your feelings, can I say though that not always do we make the right connection with the first one or even two or even five we meet, that unless we have that good connection only then will the healing and the feeling of support be there for you.

    I am also happy to hear that you have strategies, if you want to share them here we can do that to perhaps find out some more that might work for you, I would be happy to chat some more to you about that if you wanted to.

    I hope to chat to you some more Mark 29



  3. Mark29
    Mark29 avatar
    3 posts
    8 May 2020 in reply to Aaronsis

    Hello Aaronsis

    Thank you for those words. Yes I know I completed my TAFE & it a good feeling that I learned some new skills during this difficult time. I'm ready but a bit scared that I might fail again in the real world.

    My parents have move mountains for me but have run out of ideas on what to do next. I got a few job applications in works but just waiting for this whole COVID-19 stuff to blow over. Anyway, I hope the PM announcement will speed something up. (8/05/2020)

    Here a list of my strategies - that I got & kinda work & boring but work at least

    - Cleaning up my room (Making the bed, laundry)

    - Cleaning the kitchen

    - Walking my dog

    - Watching Netflix & Youtube

    - Shopping for computer parts (window shopping)

    Anyway, the thing I want really at the end of day is a bunch of mates. Friends that give me time & respect like you see in movies or TV shows. I'm a bit old fashion but it good to have old fashion.

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