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Forums / Young people / Finding someone to help me.

Topic: Finding someone to help me.

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  1. pinktulip
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    33 posts
    19 October 2020

    Hi there,

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows what I could do to find someone that could help me in my situation. I've had gaps in time in my study due to bad mental health and I want to find people who could do an diagnostic assessment of past uni content. However, because I've studied an interdisciplinary area... it's not like I can find one person and a lot of tutors are uni students who only tutor in 1 thing or so and wouldn't know about diagnostic assessment. Also, I keep getting distressed. Do you know if there's any occupation that has dealings with distressed people and that could assist me in this manner re finding applicable people? Because I cannot get help from my mother because, for example, she gets distressed and talks for a long time about mental health stuff. Also my psychologist is dismissive of me.

    Also, I did contact the Uni Faculty about my concerns and basically I got told "do your best in your courses" like I haven't done so in the past... Like because I've done some stuff a while ago and because probably never experienced depression... I felt like they didn't understand one bit. And I have memories of struggling to do stuff re hopelessness, meaningless and concentration issues so my self esteem isn't high.

  2. romantic_thi3f
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    3106 posts
    19 October 2020 in reply to pinktulip
    Hi pinktulip,
    Thank you for your post and what a great question- I haven't heard of anything like this before. The only thing it makes me think of is the subjects that you've done and how you went in fulfilling that criteria. Usually this info comes at the very beginning of the subject and you can get an idea that way of your progressing. Is this the sort of thing you might be after?
    The person that comes to mind in these questions is actually the lecturer for that subject; since they are the course expert. I'm not sure if this is an option for you.
    I'm so sorry that the other people in your life aren't supportive or taking you seriously (especially the psychologist - literally their role to do so!!).
    I'm not sure if it's going to be helpful to add- but I had gaps in my study as well due to health issues. For me I tried to tackle each subject one by one, so that if there were bits I couldn't wrap my head around - I could then dedicate time to understanding that, and then working to the next bit. It felt less overwhelming for me because it's really 'right here right now' where as otherwise if there was a big long list of things I didn't know, I would have been too daunted to even try and start again.
    I hope that you can find something that helps.

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