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Forums / Young people / Have no friends at school

Topic: Have no friends at school

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  1. Guest_2503
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    17 posts
    5 November 2020
    I've been withdrawing from all my friends at school and I don't know if I should be concerned. I used to have a very large group of friends but lately I have been finding it extremely draining to be around most of them. I've also recently had a pretty major fight with one of them. I just really don't want to be around them now and I feel so much more comfortable finding a quiet place to just sit by myself during breaktimes. I don't know if my withdrawing is because I'm happier alone or if it's a symptom of something being wrong with me.
  2. smallwolf
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    5871 posts
    5 November 2020 in reply to Guest_2503

    hi. there are many reasons this could be happening.... as we get older our interests might change. this can occur between primary and high school and possibly from year to year while in high school. And whether you should be concerned I cannot answer. Perhaps the "fight" you had could be having in effect?

    How do you feel around "them" now?

    When did this all start to happen?

    If you are concerned about this there are 2 things you could look at - the first is the K10 test on the beyond blue web site - and the other thing you could do is have a chat with the people from kids helpline - 

    all I do know is that school can be a stressful time and we each have our own ways of dealing with it. (A 3rd thing might be to chat with the school counsellor?)

    I hope you might tell more of your story - you might also find the answers? Peace to you - Tim.

  3. Guest_2503
    Guest_2503 avatar
    17 posts
    9 November 2020 in reply to smallwolf

    Thank you for responding,

    The fight probably had a pretty major effect. She was probably my closest friend at school and now that the relationship is gone I'm starting to notice how most of the people in my group were never my friends in the first place.

    I feel alright around some of them but I don't see most of them anymore as most of them do not eat lunch/recess, instead they will study in the library. Some of my group are also a little angry with me for choosing to sometimes avoid them during breaktimes and instead sit alone or with 1 or 2 other people. I think I just find it easier to deal with my feelings of loneliness when I'm actually alone rather than when I'm with a big group. Is that weird? I just don't like feeling alone when I'm not actually alone.

    Thank you for the links.

    It started to happen around the start of this term. I was actually quite happy in the holidays but having to go back to school and face everyone kinda sent everything crashing down. One of my pets also passed away recently so I think I might just be overwhelmed with everything. I mostly just wish that all of this would go away as I have exams soon but I know that the world doesn't work like that.

    I've considered going to the councillor but I've had bad experiences with my primary school councillor and I can't seem to find it in me to make a booking to go see her.

    Thanks again.

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