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Forums / Young people / help, I don't know what to do

Topic: help, I don't know what to do

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  1. charlottexray
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    13 April 2020
    Since I didn’t go to school, the Wi-Fi got turned on once school had finished but one day mum decided she wouldn’t turn it on and I needed to catch up with some work. I kept asking for her to turn it on but she wouldn’t. She said if I don’t shut up she will call the police on me. As you may know that is a trigger for me so I snatched her phone in fear and she is worse than a teenager without their phone. She was attacking me, and I think I winded her, I felt bad and gave her phone back and went to my room thinking she would do the same and just rest. An hour later the police stormed into my room and arrested me for assault and my mum just watched them take me on and take me away. This time they didn’t let me out, instead they took me to a detention centre. Basically prison. Im on a bunch of different medication such as sleeping tablets, anti depressants etc. and there was no doctor at juvi so I went 2 nights without sleep and with major depression and anxiety. This absolutely traumatised me and I’m not going to forget this. I was let out on supervised bail in which I had to be home at 7pm every night and if I went out without permission I could go back to jail. Mum had gotten the control over me that she wanted for 17 whole weeks! I couldn’t even get in contact with child services because I have to be at this address or I’m in breach of bail.
  2. jess334
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    13 April 2020 in reply to charlottexray
    Hi Charlottexray,

    That sounds like an incredibly difficult situation.

    If you are in danger or dont feel safe, you can make a report to child protection over the phone. It depends which state you are in though. These lines are open 24/7.

    SA: 13 14 78
    NT: 1800 700 250
    ACT: 1300 556 729
    TAS: 1800 000 123
    WA: 131 444 (police - no specific child protection phone line)
    NSW: 132 111
    QLD: 1800 177 135.

    If you are in immediate danger please call 000.

    Were you provided with a lawyer or legal aid to help you with your case? Have they given you any advice?

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