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Forums / Young people / I'm confused to what I'm feeling

Topic: I'm confused to what I'm feeling

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  1. TheFirstSunset
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    25 April 2020


    I'm a teenager and I've always been the really happy, hopeful and helpful girl but I've been changing. I've started getting these mood swings and getting really anxious sometimes and sad other times. I've had two mild anxiety attacks. I feel like I can't talk to anyone about it and I know I should but I don't. I feel like I can't let anyone down. I do have a really supportive friend group and family but i keep up a mask. I pretend that im fine and happy and they believe it. I just wish someone would notice, but I don't want things to change and people to fuss over me. I get insecure about everything and am super shy/have an irrational fear of talking to anyone I don't know well. When my feelings go haywire it feels like the world is collapsing but I keep telling myself this is just part of being a teenager. Does it stop?

    I feel like I can't talk to anyone, I'm avoiding talking to my friends and it doesn't help that I like to be alone and am very introverted. I'm just really stuck.

    Please help

  2. therising
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    25 April 2020 in reply to TheFirstSunset

    Hi TheFirstSunset, a warm welcome to you.

    I'm a big believer in seeking support in order for us to gradually make sense of overwhelming challenges. Of course, we face dozens of simple challenges every day which we've mastered over time, such as getting ready for the day or making a sandwich, for example, but it's the big ones that can really leave us with a lot of questions and a sense of a lack of direction.

    I'm Mum to a 14yo boy and 17yo girl and we talk through a lot of things. While we're raising ourselves to challenges and achievements, we're also raising each other. I believe it's important to be a part of such a team, whether it's a social/friendship circle, family circle, spiritual circle etc, being a member of a circle of open minded compassionate folk makes a difference.

    You sound like a very sensitive person, join the club :) While there are a lot of upsides to be sensitive, one of the down sides involves the realisation that people around you may not be so sensitive. In other words they may be unable to pick up on how you're feeling. This might actually be natural for you, picking up on others subtle emotions. If others aren't as natural, you're 1st challenge is to raise their awareness.

    Out of the people you know, your best bet is to pick one who's sensitive, compassionate, open minded and who is pretty well balanced between grounded and inspirational. Someone like this makes a good listener and can be helpful when it comes to giving us the ability to read our own compass, an ability that serves us well throughout our life.


  3. MacJS
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    10 posts
    27 April 2020 in reply to TheFirstSunset

    I am a teenager too, and I can tell you that I have experienced the same thing too! People always thought I was cheerful and happy until 7th grade, I spiralled out of control with anxiety.

    I used to have severe anxiety and didn't want to speak to anyone about it because I thought they would feel sorry for me. But I was afraid of it getting worse, so I went to my school counsellor and told her what was going on. She gave me tips and advice on what to do when I felt anxious in public. Although I felt like I was getting nothing out of it and it was completely pointless, I didn't realise I was gaining some confidence and it still felt good to talk about what I was feeling. I remember her telling me, "They aren't judging you, you are judging yourself" and "They aren't judging you because they are too worried about themselves"

    I've only visited a psychologist once but after doing it the first time, I felt GREAT and I felt like nothing could stop me! (My personal experience)

    Feeling self-conscious is part of being a teenager but if it gets too much, definitely seek help.

    I hope you feel better in the future :)

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