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Forums / Young people / I DON'T have ANY assignment stress

Topic: I DON'T have ANY assignment stress

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  1. Spl spl
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    54 posts
    3 October 2020

    I'm at a loss here. I have ADHD and am taking medication for it, so technically everything should be fine. But I just can't get myself to DO this one essay. It's so frustrating. This essay is not causing any panic or stress at all so it's not motivating me to do it at all.

    I started writing for a few hours yesterday, then I couldn't keep going. I tried doing it for 5 mins today to get started, but it's not working.

    My teacher is new and has no idea how to put in the assignment extension. I don't want to send in ANOTHER unfinished assignment because it's worth 40 percent and I would fail the entire class, it's annoying because if I fail this one class I will 100% get kicked out of uni. Because I've already failed a bunch of classes. And I can't withdraw, it's too late in the semester.

    Hell, I'm not even anxious now. Despite all of this, it's still not motivating to me at all. I know how to do the assignment, which is so frustrating. I just can't move my body. It's like I'm trapped inside. I can't get my body to do what I want it to do. My eyes just glaze over at the words on the screen. It just makes me so angry. I can't "just do it". I physically don't have the ability to do that. I physically don't have that part in my prefrontal cortex.

    And the medication should fix that but it's not working. I just need to vent because this is so annoying I literally planned out and organized the whole essay and even went to uni during this break to do it, and still it's not working. And it's already overdue and I'll get 10% off already but I still don't care about it to do it. I wish I could just do it and get it done. But already I have half the mind to just go to sleep and by then I'll have 20% off... Because I'm literally getting bored and sleepy rn instead of stressed like they assume everyone is going to be.

    Anyway I just wanted to vent. I'm just super frustrated at myself right now. I know I'm just self sabotaging so enough stress will kick in so I can finally ride on the adrenaline high to get it done... but it's not working... I'm not scared enough to do it

  2. smallwolf
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    5871 posts
    4 October 2020 in reply to Spl spl

    hi. I hope you dont mind if I throw out some questions floating around my mind at the moment...

    I know you said you were "self sabotaging", "bored", "sleepy" but am also wondering what is stopping you from putting pen to paper? Is it because it seems so easy? Don't like the subject? Would a study buddy help?

    On a positive note you were able to get a few hours done yesterday. There have been times when I don't feel like doing an assignment. I have to force myself to do it. And sometime after a short while get in the mood and off I go again. I know you have it in you to do the work necessary - one word, one sentence, one paragraph at a time.

    Have you spoken to anyone from student services? A counsellor? To find some way of moving forward.

    There are (other/alternative?) ways of reaching your goals - whatever they might be. Listening to you,


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