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Topic: I dont know...

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  1. theStormy1
    theStormy1 avatar
    1 posts
    26 May 2021

    Hey... I've never been on here before but I'm 15 and whenever I'm in class I cant concentrate and I cant sit still. It gets annoying because I miss out on school work and nobody knows what it is. They thought i had autism but I didnt. They thought I had adhd but they didnt know. It's so confusing... I guess it's just annoying for me.

  2. Spl spl
    Spl spl avatar
    73 posts
    26 May 2021 in reply to theStormy1

    Hi TheStormy1, and welcome to the forums :)

    We can't diagnose you here, but it is possible that it's adhd. I know it took a while to get diagnosed myself. When you say they thought you had autism or adhd, did you get checked out by a doctor or a psychiatrist? Or were they just coming up with ideas.

    I hope that you feel better soon and find an answer.

  3. Harpbird
    Harpbird avatar
    394 posts
    26 May 2021 in reply to theStormy1
    Hey stormy1. Ask your go for more tests. Could even be hormonal? I have a young grandson though not your age buy very similar in fidgety ect. he is on the spectrum, a very smart little dude he is too. There are so many different varieties of autism. Just a thought.
  4. quirkywords
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    quirkywords avatar
    14724 posts
    26 May 2021 in reply to theStormy1


    It is hard being 15 and being confused.

    Can you see a doctor or talk to your parents or a school counsellor..?

    can you keep a diary each day about your behaviours that worry you. You may see a pattern or discover things you don’t realise you do.

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