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Topic: I feel different

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  1. JP11
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    19 October 2020
    I don’t really know how to start this but here goes nothing. I have recently started uni after graduating high school last year. I did well in high school, nothing amazing but I got into the course I wanted. I’m not good in new social situations and considered going to an online uni for the sole purpose to get an education without the stress of a new social life and environment. I have been struggling more than I had expected. I never missed high school other than for being sick and now find myself missing quiet a few lessons. I have stopped eating breakfast on most days and my personal hygiene is lower. I don’t know if this is because I’m am struggling because of a new environment, the difficult year or if there’s something more to it. Like depression, anxiety or autism. I look at symptoms and signs and find myself matching up to them. I don’t know if I am making these up or if they are really there. Or if they are as bad or as often as I think. I don’t know if I am convincing myself of these signs or if I’m convincing myself I don’t have them. I haven’t spoken to my high school friends in weeks and don’t have anyone I really talk to at uni, besides trying to small talk when someone else initiates a conversation. I also don’t have anyone that I really feel comfortable talking to and thought this might be a good place to start.
  2. smallwolf
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    19 October 2020 in reply to JP11

    hi and welcome to beyond blue.

    the university environment is a lot different to high school - the lecturers might not care if you do not turn up, you are responsible for many of the things you have to do including time management, attending lecturers, research for assignments etc. Assignment wise, the expectations of lecturers is typically a lot harder compared with high school. So sometimes that first year is a time of getting used to everything. All of these things can contribute as stress.

    Om talking to friends from high school ... Going to Uni is another stage in life and people from high school days can go in their own directions as well. When I was in a share house in my Uni days, the people I shared a house with did not really chat with people from high school.

    In relation to symptoms and signs, that is something I would tend to leave to the experts when it becomes more then anxiety and depression. I have done what you have done and chatted about it with my psychologist. It can be easily to read an articles and see things in what the author is saying and then convince yourself that is you also.

    If I could make one suggestion... have a chat with counsellors or similar from student services. Perhaps there are some groups you could join and find people with similar interests to you. What sort of things to do you like to do for fun?

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