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Topic: I’m not sure what wrong

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  1. TimH2
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    23 October 2020

    Hi everyone!

    It my first time posting here because I’m not sure what to do.

    April this year I started getting headaches throughout the day. They were annoying but I could keep doing normal stuff and work. After they persisted for over 6 weeks I took my self off to my GP. My GP ran blood tests, sent me for blood pressure monitoring (it was a bit high), checked my heart, kidneys. And then finally sent me for a head CT and by this point I started feeling nauseous throughout the day. The week it took for the results to get back I noticed I lost nearly 10kgs possibly due to feeling sick.

    The CT results came back crystal clear (thank god) and I mentioned that I had been feeling sick and he then sent me for an abdomen CT, not so lucky this time around, the results showed “thickening in the bowel wall” and my GP sent me back to a gastroenterologist who sent me to hospital for a camera (both ends lol - sorry) this took nearly a month to happen and during this time I was a mess, crying on the shower floor, deflated, I was so convinced that I had bowel cancer or something major. A Month passed and the cameras came back all clear, visually (still waiting for the biopsy results) while waiting for the camera I started to shake in my hands and feet at random times. I went back to my GP and he told me that “I just need to chill and relax” and told me to come back in 6 months.

    I went off to see another doctor for a second opinion and I’ve developed a new symptom of tingling hands and feet (random times), she sent me for some blood tests to check for auto immunity issues and just to be sure referred me to a rheumatologist, my mum has auto immune issues, yet to have the appointment.

    And now I’m sitting here waiting for results on Monday thinking that maybe the headaches started as a bit of stress and then all the possible medical issues triggered anxiety that I can’t shake. I’ve never been an anxious person before either.

    I guess I want to know if I ask my GP for something to stop it will they give it to me on the spot, I’ve been feeling like this for over 6 months and it’s affecting my life and I need some relief.

    Now I’m left with headaches still, shaking hands/feet, I’m always tired, I hardly sleep and I feel like I’m fixating on my health. But I honestly feel like there is something wrong with me either mentally or physically.

    Thats my story.

  2. white knight
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    9354 posts
    23 October 2020 in reply to TimH2
    Hi Tim, welcome

    This forum is primarily focussed on depression, anxiety and subjects surrounding suicidal issues. We Community Champions address questions based on our peer experiences. We are not professional medical people.

    Hence your replies likely won't hit the mark of your questions.

    I congratulate you getting a second opinion, good move. With anxiety people have different symptoms that are wide ranging.

    Relaxation won't hurt you though.

    Google this

    Beyondblue topic anxiety, how I eliminated it

    Beyondblue topic he helped me for 25 years- Maharaji

    I hope they help. You might also try to eliminate any stress in your life.

    Thankyou for posting


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