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Topic: Leaving high school

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  1. Creative1
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    3 posts
    28 January 2021


    So last year I finished year 12 and I was fairly happy to be leaving high school as I did not have that much of a positive experience in terms of some of the people I hung out with, but as of recently I have started to miss my school life. I am not sure it this is just the anxiousness of starting university as I am feeling really down about it and somethings feel near crying. Sorry if this doesn't make too much of sense and seems like word blunder, but I don't know I am scared to go out in the 'real world' due to people around me saying how stressful it is and how their school life seemed so much better than this. Again sorry if this doesn't make any sense.

  2. quirkywords
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    12977 posts
    1 February 2021 in reply to Creative1


    Thanks for your post which makes sense and you have expressed yourself clearly.

    It is a while since I left school but can relate to your feelings. You have spent 13 years at school then it ends , it is a huge change in your life.I am sure many of your friends would feel the same.

    School is different and yes going to university or starting work is different and full od different expectations.

    I wonder if any of your school friends are doing the same course at uni?

    All your feelings to me sound reasonable. You chose the name creative so have you chose a creative course and are you looking forward to it.

    Uni is different from school, but you will meet lots of people and have opportunities you may not have had at school.

    It really makes a lot of sense and many reading this maybe feeling like you are or like me remember those feelings you have expressed so well.

  3. startingnew
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    1 February 2021 in reply to Creative1

    Hello Creative

    I left school around 4 or 5 years ago now and can relate to you. I was happy to leave school and wondered what was in store for me but life hasnt turned out the way id hoped and not for the good. I often really miss school and studying as well. Going to uni can feel pretty daunting for sure. I wonder if any of your school friends are going to your uni?

    Alot of Unis have social media groups either made by the school or another uni student that offer support, advice, and also a chance to meet other uni students as well. Do you think youd be willing to have a look for a group for the uni youll be attending to ask if theres anyone going to be studying the same thing you are that might like to meet? perhaps that would help with some of the anxiousness and will help you adjust to uni life a little easier?

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