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Topic: Little bit lonely

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  1. Nazzzz
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    28 May 2021


    So I’m struggling a little bit at the moment. I have moved from my small hometown for Uni and it’s been quite a struggle. I find myself going through really fun times (getting outside and making friends) then hitting rough patches where I can barely leave my apartment. I can’t seem to shake this constant cycle and sometimes I just feel so alone. The thing is I went through similar things at my hometown and I’m just sick of dealing with this stuff on my own. I don’t really know who to talk to as I have reached out to friends but they just don’t understand and my family freaks out when I start mentioning how I’m going through rough patches. I don’t have that many friends around me anymore which also doesn’t help but I just don’t know what to do. I can be so happy some days then another day something so simple can just make me go into a breakdown (I cried for 30mins the other day because someone left a note on my car telling me to park better). I also find that I have become more distant emotionally to other people as well and don’t like vocalising my problems. Just would like some advice please :)

  2. Sophie_M
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    28 May 2021 in reply to Nazzzz
    Hey Nazz,

    Welcome to the Beyond Blue forums, it's great to have you join us here. 

    We're sorry to hear you feel as though you're going through a cycle of highs and lows. We can imagine having these fluctuating emotions would be quite stressful and have a big impact on daily functioning. It could be worth speaking to your GP/doctor about these emotions - it would be something they can assess and if needed, can refer you on to see a mental health professional. The ReachOut website has great resources about planning a visit to the GP to discuss mental health: Getting and using a mental health care plan and What do GPs do? You might also like to look over the resource below: Another option is to call or message the Beyond Blue Support Service. We’re available 24/7 by phone on 1300 22 4636 or on Webchat 1pm-12am AEDT on our website: One of our professional mental health counsellors at our Support Service will give you support and point you in the right direction for help in your area.

    Thanks for checking in with us here Nazz, hopefully some of our community members will be around shortly to offer their advice and support. 
  3. white knight
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    29 May 2021 in reply to Nazzzz

    Hi, welcome

    Even though I'm a big and strong guy, my sensitivity ruled my life for decades until I got help. As a young man I even worked inside a jail, the notorious Pentridge jail now extinct. Amongst that help was some wise people. They warned me that I had to accept how life was, that life included nasty people or people that meant well but lacked tact and understanding let alone that many of them dont communicate nicely and directly but rather other means like social media or notes! and often they come across as aggressive. For a sensitive person away from home and family this can be devastating. Lack of friends and other pressures like finances and educational challenges can make you feel abandoned.

    So, when ever there is people that hurt you there is an ideal process you can adopt.

    • Always clarify with them directly if possible. The person that left the note likely didnt leave their name. If they did then find them and immediately say "I'm sorry I didnt park very straight". You are likely to get a happy response and what that does is snuff out any ongoing ill feeling you hold onto. "Nip it in the bud" its called.
    • Place yourself in reality. When challenged we can allow our emotions to spread when the problem isnt as bad as it seems. Be realistic about your issues. EG You are in a strange environment but only for a few years then you'll move on with your qualifications into a job hopefully close to home. By then you would have matured more and cope better.
    • Friends- you can make them, join groups or sports that involve other students.
    • You cant expect your family or friends to understand your emotional battles. There is a thread I wrote about this topic below. If you have mental illness issues or cant cope then come onto this forum and talk about them. Dedicate 20 minutes a day to reading up on your symptoms. Understanding yourself is the very first step.
    • The next step is a GP visit. Many dont bother, well I can vouch for the benefit of such conversations with him or her over the years.


    All the best and repost when ever you like.


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