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Forums / Young people / services or organizations to help with practical problems

Topic: services or organizations to help with practical problems

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  1. carrotparrot
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    2 December 2020
    Hi there,

    Are there any services or organizations that would be able to help with the below....

    I want to find a tutor re find out what I don't know or help create revision plan from previous uni studies because of gaps in time in study.

    A parent tried to help me with it and talked with someone and they said they would get back to us after a certain day... and didn't Also in initial stages with other people re text and they said have a meeting to discuss it even though I stated I don't know where to start (in initial contact)

    My psychologist hasn't been any help in the matter. So I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who has psychological training with education who could help me what to write or say so I don't come across as distressed.
  2. white knight
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    9377 posts
    3 December 2020 in reply to carrotparrot

    Hi, welcome

    Beyondblue forums offer support and guidance for those primarily suffering from anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies. From what I've read from your post unfortunately your request more falls under a need for a tutor or a friend/relative that could help you in that regard.

    I'm sorry that it seems no one can assist you. Community champions have mental illness issues but with life's experiences to assist posters on that topic.

    I hope you find help soon.


  3. Sleepy21
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    4430 posts
    3 December 2020

    hello - I would advise seeking out a social worker for young people as they are more likely to know of organisations etc that would help

    Unfortunately the users here work as sharing and helping with mental health struggles, but can't give any professional advice. Also it would be riskyfor us because we may not know the appropriate way to help because we ddon't have training.
    I think the two unforuntately are separate - educators/tutors and people with psychlogical trainining. But I do see that social workers have an advantage, or mental health nurses, beause they have a very practical, whoilistic approach and an inreased ability to refer to eduational/mental health services.

    I would advise seeking out a mental health nurse, social worker, or similar, to link you to someone who had skills you could benefit from.

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