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Forums / Young people / stressed about school starting again

Topic: stressed about school starting again

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  1. uhhhhhh
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    11 posts
    22 January 2021
    I'm sorry I post on here too much lmao

    I'm in year 10 this year and my last year at school was terrible, I was starting at a new school and I wasn't doing very well mentally, I was suicidal and was skipping school most of the time and then of course online school happened which made it even easier to just avoid everything. my average grade for each subject ended up being 50% or less which isn't great. i had so many missing assignments and I thought if I just avoided it all it would go away. i really want to improve this year, i dont want to repeat but my studying and organisational skills aren't the best. i find it hard to concentrate at home and I never really seem to get homework done..also the people at my school are extremely homophobic misogynistic and generally bad people.. since Ive recently come out as trans after school finished last year I'm scared of people recognizing me or deadnaming me and ofc people making fun of me, I mean it's kinda inevitable seeing the people there suck, I have a few friends who are nice but I don't have any classes with them..

    anyone know any tips on how to be motivated or keep an alright work ethic? or even how I can stay kinda positive this year? or the best one how I can stay as invisible as possible? really not looking forward to it

  2. Katyonthehamsterwheel
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    22 January 2021 in reply to uhhhhhh

    hi uhhhhhh (really cool choice of username btw)

    No such things as posting too much on here! That's what the forums are for. Sorry to hear that you're dreading school. I am a bit too, though I'm in my 40's and it's uni, just to be clear where I'm coming from.

    I think with everything going on with your poor mental health, new school, going online etc that your grade outcomes are understandable. Good on you for wanting to do better this year. So, to be clear, will you be at school this year and not online? I mean, most people find it hard to stay motivated online, so...

    I think some strategies that work for me are: having a timetable. So setting one up and marking out when I'm going to study, take breaks, commitments whatever they might be. Putting all of that in there so I know I can meet deadlines, and keeping a diary of course so I know when things are due. Also, study buddies if anyone is keen, can be great, even if it's just to chat about assignments or set a time to just sit together and work on assignments without even talking.

    As for staying invisible, I'm really sorry that you feel that way. You're a human being and therefore worthy of being seen and respected, just as you are. Is there an LGBTQI group at your school where you might find community? If that's something you're interested in, of course. Having good people around you will help you stay positive, so it's great to hear you've made some nice friends. Also, I wonder if it might be a good idea to think about how you might respond to any negative interactions? So that you've got a plan in advance.

    Happy to chat more. Maybe others with more experience might chime in too.


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  3. uhhhhhh
    uhhhhhh avatar
    11 posts
    22 January 2021 in reply to Katyonthehamsterwheel

    thank you so much for replying this was really helpful :) I am at school this year hopefully there isn't another covid outbreak. I'm not quite sure of there are any lgbt groups in my school..I'm sure there are I mean there's lgbt+ friendly posters up everywhere but still I feel like if I was in one of those groups Id get picked on heaps..

    again thank you for replying it's really appreciated

  4. Missing user
    Missing user avatar
    22 January 2021 in reply to uhhhhhh

    Hey there uhhhhhh, welcome to the forums.

    Good on you for coming out as trans, I'm proud of you. I'm so sorry to hear that your school is like that. It's just them being awful people, you've done nothing wrong. I admire the effort it would've taken for you to come out, so well done. Does anyone such as a Principal at your school know if you don't mind me asking? It's on them that they're like that, not you, I promise.

    But believe me, I know how hard school was, bullying, etc. I've been through that my whole life in person and online. I didn't have the online learning because I left school in 2015 too so that was year 10 for me. I also left school early during the day and only went for some classes, or didn't go at all, and I tried my best at school. I was becoming physically ill everyday. I'm saying this to let you know I've been there, and I felt suicidal like you (I'm safe). I still do a lot and get flashbacks from it, and so forth.

    I hope you're safe, and I hope you'll be okay. We're all here for you. I also struggled to concentrate and still do.

    In terms of your grades, you're doing your best and that's all that matters, I'm proud of you.

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  5. Tay100
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    647 posts
    22 January 2021 in reply to uhhhhhh

    Hi uhhhhhh

    It's great to see you on the forums, we really appreciate your presence on this online space. Finding a safe, friendly (and fun!) community who respects us for who we are, all of who we are, can be tricky. We hope the forum provides you with this community and helps you find more in your everyday life. If you were interested, the Beyond Blue services could direct you towards some great queer resources/outreach and advocacy groups. Heaps of them are by and for young people! Check out the services here if you like; The Beyond Blue Support Service provides advice and support via telephone 24/7 (just call 1300 22 4636), daily web chat (between 1pm–12am) and email (with a response provided within 24 hours).


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