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Topic: Therapy Through Music

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  1. Jolly Chaplin
    Jolly Chaplin  avatar
    37 posts
    5 October 2020

    Hello everyone. Music has been a huge part of my life now and has been part of my life for over a decade. Learning musical instruments is awesome for brain development and can be a way to express yourself through the sound of your chosen instrument. It can be a great way to heal yourself and let all your other thoughts fade away. It's also rewarding and exciting!

    It might become your new passion which you've always needed. Or if it doesn't, that's fine. Better to have tried than never at all.

    If anyone wants tips for where they can start or how to learn, let me know.


  2. White Rose
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    White Rose avatar
    6325 posts
    5 October 2020 in reply to Jolly Chaplin

    Hello Chris

    Nice to meet you. I too love music though I am a listener rather than a player. I have started to learn the piano several times but get impatient with the process. I think I want to be a good player without going through the slog of learning.

    Music is fantastic therapy for mental illness. Being able to sink into the sound can work wonders in terms of feeling calm and able to let go of the thoughts and worries that beset us. There are MH professionals who use music as a therapy. And as you say, it's great for brain development which is why it's important for young children to be exposed to music as a natural part of growing up.

    Thank you for sharing this topic with us. If you have any tips on how to become a proficient pianist please let me know.


  3. Jolly Chaplin
    Jolly Chaplin  avatar
    37 posts
    5 October 2020 in reply to White Rose

    Hey Mary. You too. Yeah. I know others that are similar. Personally I like the learning process. it also comes down to the way you choose to learn as well. You need fun songs to play. Ones you like. If it’s boring or tiresome try a different tactic. (Or a different instrument. I swap between instruments; it rarely gets boring!)

    Knowing your reason for playing piano or what you can get out of it can be helpful. If you have a direction to follow with music it helps keep you going.

    Plenty of good learning tools for smartphones and tablets these days. I use ‘Simply Piano’, YouTube, and Synthesia.

    I agree. Yeah. I’ve been looking into Musical Therapy.

    Yep! That’s right! May as well use all this technology for something productive!

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