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Topic: Under Confidence

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  1. Draven J
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    11 posts
    25 April 2021
    I went through High School for 6 Years from 2007-2013, I was a Painful Un Popular Poeser and a Loner for 2-3 Years towards the End of my Schooling Education. Than I try'd to Re-kindle and tolerate 2 of those Net Work Friend's, Who I deemed were Toxic Friend's for over 5-7 Years, To me they were Narcissistic, Self Superiorities, They were Subjective and In-different. They alway's try'd to Dumb you Down and take the confidence away from your Opinion's and Perspective and Intelligence. They have left a lasting Imprint against your Social Esteem, not In relation to believing what your trying to Say and Convey, but In relation to having the Confidence to project and come forth with what your Saying, and sometimes General Society, can Undermine your level of Esteem, It's not Just my Personality Type, but the feeling of Narcissism or Debative Western Personalities, Anti Intellectualism and Tall Poppy Syndrome can hinder your Value to Talk, Also Defeatism and enforced Compliance can do the same thing to
  2. geoff
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    26 April 2021 in reply to Draven J

    Hello Draven, welcome to the site.

    We appreciate your comment, but be careful of these two toxic friends, they will only know how it feels once they have experienced this themselves, otherwise, don't give them the chance to berate you and look after yourself.

    Please get back to us when you are available.


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