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Topic: What's wrong with me?

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  1. staceyyy
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    5 October 2020

    Hi everyone, I really don't know what to put here but I'm here because I don't want to bother people with my problems and I'm embarrassed, they probably won't even care. Lately I've noticed that I don't care about many things and I don't know how to comfort people either. I just feel so useless and empty you know? I have no motivation to do anything and I'm just emotionless like I can hardly cry. I smile, laugh and joke a lot but I can't tell if it's fake or genuine now. I can't remember being happy. But anyway, I'm not sure if this is just a part of being a teen or if I need some help.

  2. therising
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    5 October 2020 in reply to staceyyy

    Hi staceyyy

    So glad you listened to the inspiration that came to mind which led you here. When it comes to people not caring, if you're talking to such people, you're talking to the wrong people. As someone who's faced mental health challenges in the past and as Mum to a 15yo boy and almost 18yo girl, I care about you very much and how you're feeling.

    While my kids have been facing the many challenges that come with living in Melbourne at the moment, I've had just about everyone around me say 'Besides the lock down, it's just a part of being a teen. We all went through it. They just need to get on with life'. gotta wonder about that statement. I'll rephrase, so you can see why I wonder: 'Sufferance is normal for a young person. We all went through this stage of suffering alone. No need to give them a conscious management plan'. Adults can definitely be thoughtless, careless and depressing, hey.

    Being a teen can feel torturous and lonely at times. Part of being a teen also involves a heck of a lot of questioning

    • Why am I feeling this way?
    • Why are people dismissive of my feelings?
    • Why does no one reform the depressing systems we face, such as the Australian education system (which needs a super overhaul, in my opinion). For years it's generally been boring, stressful and uninspiring, with a lot of waste of time stuff that never going to be used in life. I say, save the more in depth subjects for uni

    Anyhow, you get the gist. There can be a lot of questions not answered. You could actually say that many adults aren't taking responsibility for guiding young people, especially through all this COVID business. In Melbourne, we're literally living a life of detachment. In so many words, we've been told to detach from anything outside of a 5km radius, most of the things that typically excite us, meeting up with friends, social environment at school and the things we'd normally look forward to (in making a difference). Don't mean to sound depressing, just want to make it clear why we can be feeling so detached and down.

    Energy plays a major factor when it comes to our emotions and sense of connection to life. Typically, if we're high in energy, we'll feel connected. If we're low, we won't. Excitement naturally energises us. We're also hydro powered (water), solar powered (vitamin D etc) as well as relying on the right foods and the best sleep. Are you feeling exhausted or feeling empty of energy?

    Feel free to be yourself and come back here anytime.


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