SenseAbility e-learning

SenseAbility e-learning is a free professional learning program designed for the education, health and community sectors.

It was developed to assist teachers and others who work with young people in delivering SenseAbility and, in particular, the Essential Skills module.

This program will cover approximately three hours of professional learning and you will receive a certificate upon completion.

The six topics covered are:

  • introduction
  • thinking well
  • thinking errors
  • emotional fitness
  • keeping well
  • application and delivery.

Feedback on the program's content and e-learning as a mode of delivery will be gathered to inform future content development. It is therefore vital that everyone who accesses the program responds to the short feedback survey at the end of each topic.

Suggested delivery of professional e-learning

This professional e-learning program can support curriculum development aligned with school/organisational goals and foster stronger relationships among teachers.

We encourage users to access the program both individually and in teams, in order to understand the specifics of teaching skills for building resilience and strengthening mental health. Team discussions about the understanding of the concepts defined, their application and delivery have proven to be effective. 

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