1. Josephine Battaglini
    Interview with Josephine Battaglini, a Social Worker who works with Indigenous people in the Northern Territory who experience depression and anxiety.
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Health professionals

Primary health care is the first point of call for most Australians with a health issue, and it is the point in the system where most care is delivered. beyondblue works with primary care health providers such as General Practitioners (GPs), nurses and other allied health professionals, to support the identification, treatment and management of depression and anxiety in their patients.

One of beyondblue's key goals is to help health professionals work better with people with depression and anxiety. Many of the programs we have been involved in have a focus on educating and supporting health professionals.

Health professionals can experience depression and anxiety too. beyondblue's Doctors' Mental Health Program aims to address the prevalence of depression and anxiety in Australian medical students and doctors.

Help is available

If you believe that you may have depression or anxiety it is important that you seek professional advice.

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  • I look back on it now as a huge challenge and one I have to fight with every day
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  • Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and revisit that happy place in my head
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  • Some people don't know you well enough; some shy away from mental illness and some don't want to forgive

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