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You don’t need us to tell you that small business owners face some pretty unique challenges. That’s why we’re developing a series of video case studies – by small businesses, for small businesses – and we need your help.

What we’re doing

We’ll be capturing real-life stories showing how people deal with the stresses of running a small business or working as a sole trader.

If you'd like to be the subject of one of our video case studies, please fill out the form below and tell us a bit more about yourself and your business. 

Our aim is to get everyone learning from each other and sharing what works when it comes to supporting the mental health of themselves and their employees.

How you can get involved

What do you do to de-stress? How have you made your workplace a healthier one? How do you support your team? Do you talk openly about mental health issues?

If you’ve made changes to improve mental health at work – including any of the above – we’d love to hear from you. Please submit your responses to the questions below by 15 September 2017.

Please email any queries you have to

What does participation involve? Check out these FAQs

What happens once I submit my details?

Your details will be passed on to the Beyond Blue team developing the case studies. After the closing date, we may call you to talk further about your experience and answer any questions you may have.

When will the case studies be filmed/recorded?

Video interviews will most likely take place at your workplace, although in some instances we may require you to travel to Melbourne. Filming will take place in approximately October 2017.

How long will filming take? 

Filming should only take up around half a day of your time. We'll do our best to work around your schedule, however you may need to be available to travel to Melbourne. If this is the case, Beyond Blue will cover any accommodation (for interstate participants) and travel expenses.

How will my case study be used?

Case studies will be shared publicly on Beyond Blue's websites and may also be promoted through Beyond Blue’s social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). Parts of the video case studies may also be used in other Beyond Blue online and printed resources. Video case studies will be uploaded to Beyond Blue's YouTube channel.

We acknowledge that sharing a personal story publicly can be challenging and is a big step for some people. It is possible that while sharing your personal story, you may experience unexpected feelings or reactions, both personally and from others, who see your video. We encourage you to reflect on this, and consider if you are ready to take part.

About you

Do you identify as being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin?

Are you a blueVoices member?

About your business

Dealing with work challenges

Supporting yourself and your staff

Have you supported a staff member with a mental health condition?

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