The Way Back resources

Beyond Blue, with the Hunter Institute of Mental Health, has developed resources for people who have attempted suicide and their close family and friends.

These resources were developed with major input from many people who have attempted suicide and their family and friends; people just like you. They have been developed for ordinary, everyday people encountering the very difficult and intensely emotional time that occurs after a suicide attempt.

The resources do not propose any one solution or path but provide information and ideas based on shared experience and knowledge in the hope that the journey will be gentler and more informed.

You can order printed copies of these resources through our catalogue.

The three booklets include:

Finding your way back booklet cover

Finding your way back

A resource for people who have attempted suicide

Getting your life back on track after attempting suicide is not easy. It takes time to recover, physically and emotionally. Things might feel out of control and you might find yourself asking, what now?

This resource has been written to help you begin to answer some important questions about your future wellbeing. 

guiding their way back

Guiding their way back

A resource for people who are supporting someone after a suicide attempt 

Having someone you care about attempt suicide can be an incredibly traumatic experience. You might respond with anger, fear or sadness. 

This resource provides practical information about the impact a suicide attempt can have. It talks about why people attempt suicide, how they might feel after an attempt, how you might be feeling and importantly, what you can do to provide support.


Finding our way back

​A resource specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people after a suicide attempt 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have attempted suicide, and their family and friends, played an important role in the development of this resource and their words are used throughout.

This resource is a starting point for working through some of the questions that can come up after a suicide attempt. 

Funded by the Movember Foundation

The Way Back resources were funded with donations from the Movember Foundation

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